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ok, here's my progress with the regimen.

sorry, no pics, but i'll try to describe it all.


23 years old male. having acne since the age of 16. severe at first, but after two rounds of accutane it's become mild, but persistant. tried almost everything in between - orals, topicals, accupuncure etc.

the regimen

officially a regimen user since 12/01/2005. tried it before but gave up coz of the breakouts.

my regimen:

cleanser - Neutrogena Extra Gentle Facial Cleanser

BP - Benzac AC's 2.5%

moisturizer - Neutrogena Moisture SPF15.

AHA - Neutrogena Healthy Skin Facial Lotion SPF15, once a day, mixed with the moisturizer at a ratio of 1 to 3.

month 1

it was harsh. redness, flaking, breakouts. really a difficult point to get thru. but u have to. many times wanted to quit, but then i'd get in the forum and ppl would help and encourage me.

month 2

the breakouts started to heal faster, but still would come to visit every other day. my face became less red and the flakiness was almost gone (thanx to the decent moisturizer). i think my skin got used to the BP only at the end of the second month..

month 3

the first week was perfect, clearest skin i've had since the tane. but i got too confident, missed one application and paid the price. i've finally gained the stability i needed at the middle of the third month, following the regimen as strictly as i could. now i'm fairly clean, except some red makrs and little scars. i'm using the AHA lotion for about a month, and it really makes my skin look healthier, but slightly more red.

now about the factors that influenced my acne, from my experience:

made it worse

- sun exposure (tho it feels good at first)

- sugary and oily foods (unfortunately, yes)

- picking at my face

- not enough sleep (?)

- overdrying

made it better

- not thinking about it ;)

- stable day schedule

- patience

wasn't a factor

- sweating / working out

- sex / masturbation

- other types of foods

- humidity

- shaving (electric machine, Philishave)

so, the bottom line is, it works.

not for all the 100%, but worth it.

i'm happy with my skin now, except some redness, it looks healthy and almost clean.

i'm still sad for the only one reason: i cannot do it forever. and i will have to if i wanna be clear, coz my acne is adult and persistant, and won't go away on its own like for the teens in here.

it's expensive in my case, and demands time and patience..

for all the ppl who r still hesitating to start the regimen, i would say:

if you already tried the tane more than once and still have acne, go for it.

i still think that the regimen is the last resort, despite of some ppl's opinions in here..

good luck to us all.

p.s. i'm grateful to Dan, Brandy and other ppl who helped me along the way, both by giving advices and supporting. i will gladly do the same for the newbies out here now.

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