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3 months in

i didn't take progress pics, so that was incredibly stupid of me, since i can't be sure if i'm better off or not. the reason i started was due to ridiculous breakouts in late september. i started in nov. 26th. i was semi clear, with a handful of dead bumps. the initial week, the csr sorta cleared me up; i remember having something like 2 or 3 bumps for maybe 1 whole week. then 2 weeks in, i got horrid breakouts. it lasted for something like 2 weeks and then started clearing. i cleared, but was still incredibly red. just dots of red everywhere. 2 weeks of that, i sorta broke out again. it wasn't as bad as the first B.O, but it was still a bitch. but after that, i cleared again and the redness sorta subsided. now, i could be imagining things and the redness is still apparent as ever, but i do believe that some of the red has faded.

so now, it's 3 months in and i've got 1 bump, some redness and some dimples. so i guess the csr works.

what i hate about the csr: it's expensive, it takes a lot of time to administer and it's fucking itchy.

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Hi Gre,

Great to hear you've seen good results, do you think its expensive? I don't think there's a BP gel cheaper? It's a huge tube for half the price of the usual supermarket brands.

Regarding the itching, that may well be because one of the batches contained a new preservative that many reacted badly too, so Dan and the team made the new batch with far less preservatives and everybody seems to love it.

Maybe you'll find less itching with your next order.


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