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For those taking Accutane 80 mg

Okay, so I just convinced my derm to put me on 80mg a day and I am starting my 4th and last month of Accutane. I'm 19, 5'2" and I weigh 117 lbs.

So here are my questions: Is 80 mg too much for me? Also, should I take the pills one in the morning and one at night or one right after the other? The reason I'm asking is because when I was on 60mg, I would take one pill right after the other after a meal.

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Rather have a higher dose than one thats too low.

Me too wildcat07. Luckily my derm is aggressive and gave me 80 mgs. If the weight equation is correct then I am on too high a dose. I am sure I will be fine and it could always be decreased.


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I am 5'8" and I weigh almost the same 114-116 and am on 80mg, no problems with it that I can see! I wouldnt worry, hun! I take the two together at lunch with mac and cheese and a glass of chocolate milk, usually! haha, I usually eat a healthy fat free breakfast and dinner so lunch is the best for me. The derm said if I feel fine, its fine to take them together! :)

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