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Shelley I.

Clear Skin Regimen Really Works!

Hi Everyone:

I am the mom of a very handsome, if I may say so, 13 year old boy, Patrick. He started getting blackheads and pimples in Elementary School, Grade Five. Sadly, he inherited this problem from me, but that's another story. I immediately sought help from our family doctor who suggested washing with Salicylic Acid and medicating with a BP over-the-counter topical ointment, which didn't work for long. We then tried Stieva-A, a topical Rx Retin product which didn't work for long either. If I remember correctly, we then tried another topical product, Clindamycin I think. In any event, it has BP and a topical antibiotic. Same story. All the while, I'm beginning to despair, thinking he is really in for it, and really feeling sorry for him because I know how badly acne can affect your self-esteem. So I started to think about Accutane, which cleared my skin up once and for all, although I was already almost 39 years old so I have lots of acne scars, which are awful too. Also, the prospect of Accutane hurting him in some way scared me. Depression runs in my family, and I didn't want Accutane to trigger that inclination. Well, you know the horror stories about Accutane. I just wasn't keen on taking any risks with my son.

To get to the point, I found this site, studied the regimen, read the forum, and decided to try it. Even though we can't get the products that are recommended (writing from Canada), I found substitutes. Pat tried the 5% BP first, but it burnt his skin, so we switched to a 2.5% BP called PanOxyl. We can buy it in 40 gram tubes in a water base for 11.99. He washes with Cetaphil and moisturises with Cetaphil also. He does not wear the BP lotion during the day as he doesn't want people to see it on his face, which is a downside of PanOxyl; it does leave a milky residue. But at night he really slathers it on, as recommended. He is well disciplined to do the routine and rarely neglects to do it, although if he has a friend over, he does not do it. He has also started to shave and he uses the recommended shaver.

It has taken quite some time for it to work, three to four months, and his skin is not perfect. He still gets a few pimples, not all of his blackheads are gone, but it is far better than it was. Also, during the regimen, he got one large boil or cyst, which was so large and painful that he had to take antibiotics for it. But that was months ago. Another rather large pimple was more recent, perhaps a month ago, but it never really amounted to anything, it just sort of sat there, large and red, but did not cause any damage, that is, it did not break the skin.

I am writing this to report my son's personal experience with the regimen but also to tell you to be disciplined and be patient. Just keep at it, for as long as four months in Pat's case or maybe even longer. He had many discouraging days but I just advised him to carry on, persevere, and stick with it. (I must admit though, if it wasn't working by now, I would be discouraged too.) He also realizes that he can't stop the regimen just because his skin has improved; he must do it indefinitely or until it stops working, in which case it's back to the doctor.

For what it's worth, this is Pat's story. I hope it helps with your regimen. If I can help anyone else, please let me know, even if all you need is for someone to help you keep at it. Also, I will try to remember to stay in touch about Pat's skin if there are any changes, for better or for worse.

Finally, thanks Dan! What a guy. Not only are you providing a great service to our kids, but you are also an outstanding example of what it means to be a good citizen.

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what a fantastic story! Thanks for coming here and sharing with us.

I hope your son continues to have success.

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