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I'm 26 years old, and had really ordinary skin ever since I was 17, characterised by a very oily forehead and nose, as well as lots of random breakouts, usually on my forehead.

I've tried pretty much everything (Dan's regime, Proactive, Differin, minocyclin) with very limited success. Dan's regime worked briefly but then I started getting large, cystic lumps on my cheeks after about 2 months so I had to discontinue.

I went to the dermatologist about two months ago, and asked him if I could be put on a course of Accutane, as I had become completely fed up with my condition and just wanted to nuke it. However, he said my case doesn't quite warrant this class of drugs, and he recommended Tazorac which he claimed was the most powerful topical, and similar in effect to accutane.

I wasn't expecting much. However, to my considerable surprise, the drug has been a total miracle. My skin has been remarkably clear and the pores are much more refined. All of the spots have dissapeared and all I'm left with is a little oiliness. What's interesting to note is that I no longer have the white, dead skin build-up that I used to notice after I got out of the shower.

Anyway, I would HIGHLY recommend the Tazorac cream for anyone who has had little success otherwise. I'd also recommend the cream over the gel. The cream has apparently been released only relatively recently, and is MUCH easier on the skin than the gel: I had a couple of gel samplers, but whenever I've used them I've had horrible redness and peeling, so I've used the cream instead.

Good luck, and please anyone else let me know if they're having luck with Tazorac.

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CONGRATULATIONS ... and a word of caution ... I had the exact same experience with Retin A, and foolishly stopped using it after I'd been clear for awhile. Within a couple of months, my acne was back.

You do have to maintain those lovely clear pores. Stick with the Taz, or look into one of the OTC retinol/retinaldehyde products (Green Cream, Diacneal or Ystheal).


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That makes me feel better. I was given Taz .1% cream for maintenance purposes now that I'm off of Accutane.

Did you have any inflammatory acne before you were on Taz? Papules, pustules, cysts?

That's cool about the oil seemingly getting better. I'm worried once the 'tane wears off completely about getting super oily again. Maybe the Taz will be great for that, too.

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