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post-acne bumps under skin - how to get rid of them?

Hi there, first post, so glad you all are here! I am 34 and had mild acne forever. Last year I developed a more moderate bout on my left cheek. It has died down now, except it has left brown marks and "lumpy" textured skin - which seems like zits that got "stuck" inside my skin. Does anyone have any idas (or previous threads) on how to get rid of this? I am also trying to lighten the brown marks (I have latin, olive skin) but the lumps are what gets me the most. I will be so grateful for all your thoughts!

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You can purge the pores with a prescription retinoid (Retin A, Tazorac) or an OTC retinol or retinaldehyde product (Green Cream, Diacneal, Ystheal).

There is a Green Cream thread going in the OTC forum and lots of info on Retin A and Taz in the prescription forum.


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This is what happens to me when I have an outbreak, I am left with bumpy red marks. This has happened to me on may occassions, and I hate to say it but the best healer is time. After about 2 months I usually notice that the bumps have become flat, then I am just left with the red marks.

Barbie x

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