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Much Needed Advice - Neutragena? Oily Skin? Etc?

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Hi. This is my first time visiting acne.org and this message board. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I've had acne for many many years now (close to 6....I'm 17 years old). I have used a bunch of over-the-counter and prescription medicines, and some worked to an extent, but nothing ever seemed to permanently clear it up. I have tried Oxytricyclin (spelling?) and retin-A and some other thing... I used those things for a few months and it seemed to work a bit, but then I stopped. And now I'm breaking out again.

I haven't started the regimen yet (I am thinking of it), but I was wondering how long I would have to do it? I mean, once everything clears do I have to continue with it? For how long? I have used BP before but that was years ago and it didn't seem to work for me... maybe because I wasn't using the right amount? Oh and also, I've been using Neutragena Acne Wash for a while now, but how well would you rate that cleanser?

I have very oily skin and as I read on this site, it's recommended to wash just twice daily. After a couple hours my face gets really oily and I don't know what to do to control it, especially during school since I can't exactly go and wash my face in the restroom ...

I stopped using makeup for a while, but then a special occasion called so I started putting on foundation (clinique) again, to try to cover up the blemishes and acne, but I hate the feeling makeup gives me, so whenever I go out I tend to put on the foundation, then when coming home I wash it off right away. I think all this washing may have caused my face to become more oily, is that possible?

I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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Even if your skin is naturally oily, you would still need to moisturize, otherwise your skin would produce more oil to compensate for the dryness. Try using a light moisturizer such as Neutrogena Combination Moisture or Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen. I also used to have very oily skin before I started using the above products.

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