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A friend of mine told me that obagi really helped her face. I too myself also noticed that it was really effective. It's really bloody expensive every complete set is like $150++ . And her regimen consists of the Obagi - Nu-Derm Restorative Regimen 10% and the Obagi - Ultimate Anti-Aging Power Regimen.

The fact that at age 29, her face looked like Liz Taylor at age 60. It was really marvelous with her transformation. Most of us thought that she had facial surgery. And what shocked me the most was her facial scars because she had mild acne which cleared up when she was in her early 20's but her freckles and facial discoloration is what really marvelled me plus the indented scars on her face. It was all gone and was like a miracle to just have vanished.

At the present, her face is that of a movie star. Totally flawless that even her before and after pictures would shock you. She got to use the product for 5 months now and still continuing and she got to see the results after a week. Even her persistent acne was gone, you know the usual pimples... Not the severe though.

As of this moment, I am thinking of buying one if I do have the money to buy at least a bottle because a set would like make me broke.

I'm wondering if anyone has actually used it or just heard of it...??? Since I still want testimonies of the product. Because I am really skeptical since I myself would think she had a total face surgery or something.

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interesting..anyone have more info about this? $150 for an entire set of a miracle regemine doesnt sound that bad. i've wasted probably thousands on shit that only makes my skin worse [as im sure many of you have]. where can you get it?

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Guest hopelessGuy

I know all about Obagi, I've posted my review on this product.

First off, its more than $150 for a complete set of obagi, its more like $230-250. If its really $150 then its the miniature size.

You will also need Retin-A with Obagi regimen, I question wether it's the Obagi or the Retin-A that's helping the skin.

My mother has been using Obagi for years and still is, her skin is really nice, she looks young for her age and gets hit on all the time by younger and older men, she gets compliments about her skin along with other things.

She used to make me order Obagi for her so I shopped around and pretty much know how much it costs. A few years ago my mother recommended that I used it for my blemishes. So i used it, for like a WHOLE MONTH my face was Reddend, very noticeable. In time it did make my skin smooth, better elasticity, and clearer. BUT after going off on it I feel it has made my skin very sensitive and I feel more prone for breakouts. Maybe it wasnt for me.

Obagi is like cosmetic surgery but in a form of creams, you should probably consult a dermatologist about it, besides, you need Retin-A with Obagi system. You will surely experience dry-ness and walk around with a red face.

It works wonder for my mom, her skin is really nice and young looking, but for me, I wouldn't have gone on it, it's kind of for adults, older women who wants younger, better looking skin.

Thats about what I can recall about Obagi.

Oh yeah, as to where to get it...there are a lot of online websites on Obagi, when I used to shop around for it, there were alot of suspicious sites, there was one where it took months to get the product at low costs, I wouldn't recommend that, not even for the low price.

There are doctor's office that sells them on their site, the costs for Obagi is just about the same fixed price on all the websites. What my mother does now is just have one of those make-up girls or esthiticians order it for her, she has many connections.

So check out the official Obagi website, order it through a dermatologist's site, scour the net like I used to...time consuming because theres tons of sites that offers it, some are fake.

Hope my posts helped!

Dude, save your money if you're just going to buy one bottle. Tou need the entire set, plus Retin-A. This is not cheap stuff. The whole set is a cleanser, toner, cream+Retin-A combination, and more stuff to it. There is a miniature size set though.

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