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Accutane - Anti Pregnancy For How Long?

I have had pimples for more than 15 years, most of them severe, the skin on my nose and its sides looks very similar to the moon surface. I went through some facial regime 3 years ago, it helps a little, but the huge cysts, blackheads, flaky dead skin, big red pimples and big red acne scar, still appears on and off. I tried every possible skincare products in the market, and none of these actually helps to clear the acne.

Last month, a doctor from this small clinic gave me Isotretinoin (aka Accutane), it's my habit to background check new medication and find more information on the web. It's then I found so much praises on this capsule, .. and the horrible side-effect too :doubt: . I'm dying to try this medication, had doubts and questions on the side effects. :wall:

Accutance is said to likely causing birth defect to pregnant women. Therefore, this drug is not to be taken during or before pregnancy. However, how long the side effect might influence a woman's chance of getting pregnant? If I took the medicine now for several months period, and plan for pregnancy next year, will the side effect residue still in the body? How safe/risky is it in that matters?


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Ditto on the one month.

It does not stay in your system even that long. It is like when the tell you milk expires on a certain day you still have about a week after that before the milk goes bad, but they want to be safe and give you a saftey net.

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