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Melissa Rose

Acuzine - does it work

Hi there hoping someone out there has some positive news for me.....

Thinking of trying acuzine as am currently 28 and on Diane35 pill (which has worked amazingly on my skin since i was 16) but would like to discontinue the pill to look at eventually falling pregnant so need alternative ???

Tried going off the pill 1yr ago (to see if i was over my acne) and found my chin and neck broke out 3mths later with big sore red pimples and skin became very oily AGAIN...Hoping if i try Acuzine whilst on the pill for say 3mths then stop i may just save myself ??

Anyone been through the same thing ?

Thanks from Sydney Australia

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Acuzine is like accutane right? If so, I say take it, but do a FULL course-4 or 5 months. Just to make sure it CURES you (as much as you can be cured anyway). Then get pregnant as soon as possible after you stop.

I'm on Diane-35 now too-the only thing that really worked after accutane (was clear for about a year and a half after stopping, then chin cysts came back). My friends that have had the same problem seemed to clear up after being pregnant for a few months. Then if you breastfeed, that should help keep you clear as well. As soon as you're finished breast-feeding, get back on Diane. That's what i would do, anyway, esp. since you know that as soon as yous top you break out.

Others might have a different opinion, though.

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