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Try This.. im seeing the best result RoseHIP OIL

hi... its my first post here

it's been about 2 months or so since i became acne-free.

and the one last thing i have to worry about is these marks making me look like a pepperoni pizza >_<

ok well.. my friends told me about this site, and i read through .. i couldn't really pick one to start ..

so i started researching, most acne marks fade away, but they just take time. about 12 weeks.

some takes longer.. i was just thinking myself, i can't wait that long.. i did some research and found out

about rosehip oil. i don't know if there was any thread about rosehip oil here, but i found some facts about rosehip oil and what it does. I ordered one from ebay.. pure rosehip oil. 8oz..

and im seeing a good good result.. its been about a week since i used it..

i just put oil on my face and massage it with fingertip while i watch movie .. i used it almost every day..

and washed after couple hours.. while you're massaging , you might notice something coming out of your skin.. you can feel it >_< i don't know what it is.. its kinda weird.. and when you wash it off.. its really hard ... so use plenty of water and cleanser to wash it off completely..

I wouldn't recommend to anyone whos having active acne.. just imo ..

anyways i just wanted to share this.. good bye

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is there a significantly noticeable difference in your red marks or just barely? thanks...

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Yeah,i loooove rosehip oil.I started using it back in november and noticed a difference in about a week but then stopped using it cause my pores got clogged...but yeah it does indeed work for red marks!

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i haven't really used other products such as aloe vera gel, peels, and stuff..

so i can't compare with them, but im actually seeing the result.. lots of few light marks ( around forehead, and chin) already faded away or can barely see..

but for those marks in my temple area.. they are really hard to get rid of.. but i really can see they're fading away gradually.. it's only been about a week.. so ill keep using it and see..

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