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I was wondering what you can do to rapidly decrease a painful inflamed start of what probably is a boil?

I have tried clearasil rapid and its not doing anything to even take the pain away. My skin is relitivly clear apart from one spot deciding to push its way up. Its just under my nose and it looks terrible.

Any help????

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I've heard alot of people in the forums talk about 'hot compresses' to try to open the pore, reduce inflammation etc and bring it to a head. I've never tried it myself but it does sound logical. Perhaps you should post this in the 'general acne' posts forum, you might get better luck there.

Thanks. Iv took a day off school because of the embaressment as its half in my nostril. Iv been to see a doctor and i am to heat it up with salt and water a few times a day. Iv been given flucloxacillin to kill the germ staphylococcus which may be causing it.

Its starting to come to a head but its to embaressing to go to school with

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Ugh I hate when I get those big pimples on my nose and there is absolutely no way to hide it. I remember missing a whole week of school because I made it a big scab and I had to wait for it to heal. You could always put ice on it too to make it feel better.

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