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im CLEAR BUT today by derm made me feel like SH*T

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ok, first off id like to say that i think nlite is the most amazing thing ever inented, as doctor Chu commented himself, its gotta be the biggest advancement in acne treatment in 30 years!!!

iv been clear for over 2 weeks now, its amazing, so im really concentrating on getting rid of the red marks now...

i had an appointment with my NHS doctor today from 4 months ago...

4 months ago he gave me a course of antibiotics and told me to come see him in 4 months (today)

4 months ago when i saw my derm i asked him if maybe the redness on my face is due to Rosacea.. he looked at me and said NO, he was pretty confident, i didnt think it was either but i just wanted to make sure

when i went to see my derm today he wasnt there so i saw another guy, which i had previously met once about 7 months ago

he looked at me and said wow your skin is much better, how do u feel? the antibiotics (erythmoryine) have really worked, thats great news

i turned around and told him that i havent been taking the erythmorycin, basically i tried it for 2 weeks and gave up cos they were not working and switched to Cephalexin

I then told him that i had nlite done last month and have been clear since, and i also told him iv changed my diet..

he said "oh it cant be the diet, thats just urimagination, it must be the nlite"

he then paused for a minute, looked through some notes and then turned around and said "I THINK U GOT ROSACEA!!!!!!!"

i was so pissed off, because i know for a FACT that the redness on my cheeks are NOT rosacea, its from my acne.. i know that for a fact.. the redness on my nose im not too sure about but i know the cheeks are acne

it just made me so mad when he said that, these doctors are USELESS, they dont know anything, he then dismissed me and said well good luck in ur fight agains acne and rosacea, its a tough battle... he didnt even make another appointment,

to be honest im GLAD he didnt cos i dont wanna go back to these guys anymore, they are ABSOLOUTLY CRAP, they dont know what their talking about half the time.. they had me on minocycline for 2 years ](*,)

anyway, im gonna ask my GP to refer me to Tony Chu, i want him as my derm :oops


sorry guys i just had to let that off my chest, it really got me stressed :)

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Hello! i'm so happy that n-lite works with you too (in my case it worked for scars).

Look, i have see that n-lite helps me too with my red marks, i don't know if maybe it can helps you too.

In one month aprox. i'll have another session of n-lite. the improvement is very slowwwwwwwwwwly, but is really amazing. I hope that with repeated sessions, i can improve enough to can be happy when i look at the mirror.

Good luck purepersian!

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