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A good, simple way to keep bad acne at bay

Hey -

I posted this in the severe acne section, but thought people here may not look there. I always feel that since I'm older, my acne problem is worse, so I don't always seek out methods intended for teens.

I'm 23, going on 24, and I've had cystic acne since I was 17. I started with the usual teenage acne at 13, and my face turned into a giant infection when the stress of life and all the body chemistry stuff went nuts around 17.

I have major scars, deep wells carved out by multiple infections under my skin. I went on Accutane when I was 19 on a high dosage. 2 years later, eveything went back to being infected.

I have always prayed for God to take away my acne. Nothing - eggs, diet, cleansers or pills has ever worked or cured me. I'm about to get married and earnestly prayed for Jesus to please not let me look like a pizza on my wedding day.

I don't know why- I give the credit to God, but I just started a simple routine out of the blue. Because of it my skin is clearing, my cystic acne is at bay, my open sores have healed, and my face is softer and has returned to a normal color.

Two words- hot water.

I start by filling up my sink with the hottest water I can get. The kind that you can stick your hand in, and it doesn't burn it, but is very uncomfortable for more than a few seconds. This obviously means you should use caution. Some water heaters will scald you. We're not talking that hot, but we are not talking sissy hot either. This is the kind of hot water where if you were talking at shower and it suddendly changed temperature, would not scream or jump, but you would definitely move your butt out of the way of the water. For those of you who like short cuts, I'm sure if you think hotter water will do more in a shorter time, remember water burn scars are uglier then acne, so don't try it. Some of you also think that any kind of hot water is unbearable, so this is probably not going to work for you. You need to get your skin hot and red, not just toasty.

So, after filling up my sink, I stand over it with my hair back in a tshirt I can get wet. Make sure nothing in your sink will prevent you from freely putting your face in the sink and removing it (like a faucet that you could hit your head on going down or coming up.) I basically hold my breath, suck in my lips and close my eyes (lips are the most sensitive I find to the hot water, so I keep them out of the way) and put my face in the hot water for as long as I can stand. If the water hurts your skin for more than a few seconds, it's too hot. Your skin should adjust pretty quickly. I make sure my chin and part of my neck are submergered, since I have cysts there too. I come up for air, and repeat until I've soaked my face for about 2 minutes. By now my skin is good and pink.

Then, I use a normal face cleaner. I use noxema or an herbal soap, or apricot scrub, depending on if my face was dry that day or not. Scrub is recommended to get off the dead skin. Then I go back under the water and let it soak more, which washes most of the cleanser off. I then drain the sink, wash the rest of the cleanser off with warm water, and fill the sink up again with the hot water. I soak for 2 more minutes in the hot water (skin is more sensitive now) and then drain. Then I "seal" by splashing cold water on my skin to close the pores back up. Pat my skin dry with a CLEAN towel. If it's before bed, I put noxema on my face and leave it on overnight.

The first week I did this, my skin was dry a lot. After two weeks, my skin adjusted and no longer is peeling or excessively dry. I do this in the mornings and every night.

From what I can tell, the hot water opens the pores and allows you to clean the caverns and get rid of the dead skin cells that are deeper in your skin. It also promotes blood circulation and renewing of the skin.

Coming from someone who's tried everything in the book, it's so simple, it's worth trying.

God Bless you!


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I read this a few days ago and decided I might try it.

I don't know if I'm using the right temperature of "hot," although hot is different for different people... And I can dunk my face into the sink (too shallow and small) So I've been splashing it on my face instead, but my hands seem more sensitive to the hot water than my face. (Maybe because of the nerve endings)

So far I haven't had any new breakouts, maybe one tiny one here or there, but I'll probably have to wait a few weeks to see my skin really clear up.

How long did it take yo to see results?

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This is actually what kept my acne at bay and made my skin look great initially but in my case there was a down side to doing this over a few years: Gradual patchy facial redness, more capillaries and an increase in sensitivity when I’d never before had sensitive skin. They always say you should never use hot water on the face and I am certainly dealing with the forewarned repercussions to this day. If you have cystic acne the payoff may outweigh the negatives but hopefully although you are doing this in the meantime with great results, you will be able to find something else that helps perhaps even through diet, that doesn’t have those other accumulative effects.

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I heard that hot water can make acne worse as it has something to do with creating more oil on your face, there for clogging your pores causeing spots and breaks outs....

I do wash my face is warm water to open my pores but i never use it to hot because of hearing what could happen.

Trouble is there are so many things going around you never really know which to believe or try out incase it makes everything a whole lot worse. :s

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I've never actually tried dunking my face in hot water. I have steamed it, and although I felt like I was doing my skin some good at first, it ended up dry and sore and red. However, I had this really big deep boil on my chin the other week and it was throbbing like crazy. I filled my sink with real hot water, and soaked a flannel in it, and then held the flannel to my chin. I dd this for about 10 minutes, kept dipping it in water and re-applying to the boil, and I must say, it did feel a whole lot better and it started to get better.

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