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NeoStrata AHA lotions/creams?

Hi all.

I have rolling scars, large pores and rough skin. I was told by my derm to use NeoStrata products on my skin to help, but I cannot recall EXACTLY what she recommended! When I left the practice, everything she had mentioned completely went through my head. I went there thinking only abrasive treatments would help in my situation, but I was releived to learn there were other methods as she said my skin (olive) is the perfect skin type, and that abrasive treatments isn't necessary! Anyway she gave me a leaflet:

Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream (10% Gluconolactone, Vitamin E & Vitamin B Complex Factor)

Ultra Smoothing Cream (8% Glycolic Acid & 2% Citric Acid)

Face Cream plus (15% Glycolic Acid)

Ultra Smoothing Lotion (8% Glycolic Acid & 2% Citric Acid)

Lotion Plus (15% Glycolic Acid)

I've been browsing these forums and many people suggest higher AHA solutions to achieve better results. However searching these products on the net, apparently it's safer to use the less-concentrated products before stepping up. Also, I'm confused about the lotion and cream! What's the difference (apart from the obvious lol).

I guess I should really post some pics up. Anyway, like I mentioned, my skin has some rolling scars, large pores and it's generally rough. If anyone has any experience with the above (or indeed any other products using AHA's etc) and know what should work best, I'd really appreciate your responses! Also, from your personal experiences, can using such creams/lotions ruin my skin even more? I was on roaccutance almost 3 years ago, and I think that has contributed to my skin looking the way it does today.

Sorry for being so inquisitive! But thank you in advance :)

EDIT: I've added a pic. Not the best, but you'll get an idea.



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Hey dude,

I think you should stay away from the line of products your derm recomended. Nowadays doctors are big and agressive sales people. They get good comission. I'm not a qualified doctor, but I can tell that your scarring is not as shallow as your derm has told you. I don't mean to put you down. It's not severe either. But I don't think a cream will do it. Your derm just wants you to spend your hard earned money on those products. They usually sell you a "package" and make you believe you are getting a nice deal, but eventually you will realize it's bullshit. Don't fall into that trap. Don't believe when they say " Oh, this is a new product" or "It comes from such country, blah, blah" I remember when a Doctor wanted to convince me to buy a healing cream (he also carried a special product line) and he said: "These products are very known in France, they've been using it for so many years. It's the best thing your money can buy" " Me and my family use it every single day" Some days later I asked one of my french friends about that cream and she said: " I've never heard of that crap before" Some Doctors are big liears.

AHA's peels do absolutely nothing for scars. Not even for super shallow ones. It only exfoliates your skin if it does anything. Also I wated to tell you that your skin looks very irritated. Be careful with what you put on your skin. Let it heal on its own first. Most creams far from helping , can irritate and worsen your skin.

Out of curosity, your record shows you are a new member and this is your first post. But I clearly remember having seen your picture on this forum before. Maybe you have a twin brother with scarring problems as well. Sorry If I'm wrong.

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Yes I was registered here last year but my posts were tampered with. I can't even log in. (pic was posted before, enquiring for suggestions, but didn't get alot of replies).

Thanks for your honest opinion - I too think my scars are more worse than she suggested. I don;t know what the deal is with derms etc. I visited a plastic surgeon (regarding laser resurfacing) after a referral from my first dermatologist and he just shrugged me off - apart from having the unsuitable skin type for laser resurfacing, he said my scars are hardly noticeable and that I should shy away from alternative methods altogether!!!

I don't know.

Perhaps AHA's might help with the roughness or something, atleast with complexity? Regardless of the brand, I notice many people here claim they work.

Oh and blueyesurfer, I'm 22.

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Guest pppapillon

AHA exfoliates/gets rid of dead skin on your face as well as stimulate new collagen production. It also loosens blackheads in your pores.

If you are going to use NeoStrata products, you should probably use the lotion as creams can be too thick and block pores. I use the 8% glycolic acid from time to time to exfoliate. 15% seems way too high.

Hope this helps.

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I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE those Neostrata aha formulation creams and gels.

I totally agree with Dude-WhyDoIHaveScars. The Neostrata aha formulation creams will do nothing for the type of scarring you have.

Long before i found this board, i thought acne scarring was an easy condition to fix. So i went along to a laser clinic in Scotland and spilt my heart out on how my scars were making me feel.

Low and behold, they recommended Glycolic peels, and they told me i would have to use a Neostrata cream on my face for two weeks before i could get a glycolic peel, as it would condition the skin for it. Of course.. i had to buy it from them. It cost me £35 (which is about $65 US) and i later found that i could get it on ebay for a third of the price.

Well i started it.. and i started getting some really bad spots that left me with more scars.

I thought to myself that if i stuck with it, then my skin could get used to it, but no... it kept breaking me out, it made my skin worse and the glycolic peels were useless. This cost me £400 and i was not one bit happy.

I would avoid the neostrata stuff at all costs.

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Okay, so if the majority don't agree with glycolic acid, and all the derms I've spoken with (including the plastic surgeon I saw) keep insisting my scars aren't "bad" and that they're "barely noticeable", what do you guys suggest I do?

I'm really at a crossroads. I'm really disappointed I've spent so much money on consulatations, money on alternative methods, and not even the professionals can properly give me advice. So given your experiences (and judging by my pic) what alternatives do you think might be beneficial to at least improve my skin? I'm in Australia, if that helps?

Cheers guys.

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I suggest you look for a dermatologic surgeon. They are better equipped to address acne scarring and offer a wider range of treatments.

Most dermatologists are not trained to carry out useful surgical techniques like subcision and the various punch techniques. I think Subcision would benefit you but not the various punch techniques.

I would just forget about glycolic peels.

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