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Quitting the regimen

Well this is my seond time on the regimen. I first started breaking out when I was 19 (I'm 20 now), the summer before last. I got back from a beach trip and my face was sunburned. A few days later I went back to school and started experiencing minor breakouts. Then I got on Proactive for about 1 month which didnt work. I went crazy with scrubbing and chemicals. Basically burnt myself many times pretty bad with tea tree oil, thank God I didnt scar. Then that Christmas I got on teh regimen and then quit the following april because I was too lazy. I did start breaking out again, but most liekly becuase I was using the St. Ives scrub twice a day, had my period, finals and broke up with my boyfriend all at the same time. Then I had a huge breakout in June because I scrubed my skin until it was raw-STUPID! THen I began Jess's neo regimen and just washed and applied neo, my skin was great except I started to get these little clogged pores everywhere which I hadent had before that. SO then this past August I stopped that and just did whatever, which my skin stayed the same. Then in September I got really anxoius about getting the clogged pores gone that I started the regimen again and all of those little clogged pores got really irritated and i had a big breakout. They got really large and anyways, now fastforwarding like 5-6 months I am clear. Heres the problem, first of all it is kinda a pain to do the regimen, not really to do it, but to have all this stuff on my face. I am really afraid of the whole cancer thing. It might not be true but Im a hypochondriac so Ill freak myself out thinking about it. I didnt really care about the cancer thing before because I just wanted my acne gone, plus this hypochondriac thing has recently reached a new level.

SOOO, I was wondering if anyone has any advice about possibly stopping this regimen, at least temporarily. I think what I would do would be to just continue with the purpose soap and then the complex 15 moisturizer twice a day, and tahts it. Dosent seem liek I would need much more, plus its gentle. But if I do quit, I definately want to tapper off beucase I do not want to experience a big breakout. If anyone can give me some advice about what they would do, or what you have done, that would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot

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