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Ryan's Accutane account

Hey, my hair has always been extremely oily too. If I washed it in the morning, it would visibly be oily again by the evening. Just like you though, a little over a week after starting Accutane I could see a major difference in the hair. After about a month and a half on it now, there's no oil in sight. It's awesome.

Don't get discouraged if you get some more breakouts. If your trip with accutane is anything like mine has been so far, there will probably be a lot of ups and downs. Slowly but surely though you will see a difference. (as I am)

And one day, it'll just disappear for good. At least, that's what i'm hoping :)

Good luck!

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Thanks everyone. It is nice to read that you guys has been there.


My hair is crazy dry. I still can't get use to it. I wake up in the morning and it looks like I just washed my hair. No grease, no oil-yeah!

My face is looking a lot better than the last few days. The acne is starting to heal. I think I may be able to wear my hair in a pony tail in a few weeks. That is such a great thought. Normally, I keep my hair down to help hide the acne on my jawline and cheeks.

I still have a really dry nose, but the nosebleeds have decreased. I still get them once in a while, but not as nearly as I was. I am really thirsty and my face is dry, but that is about it.

Everything is going good.

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It is SO exciting not to have greasy hair! I love it! And I am so glad you are feeling better about your skin. Isn't it so weird to think that your acne might go down... and never come back!? It's weird for me! I am definitely happy that the nosebleeds have gone down. Sounds like you are going to be smooth sailing for the rest of the course!

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It is so AWESOME not to have greasy hair, Tennessee. It so freakin exciting.

Day 23

My skin is looking better every day. My face is still healing from my intial breakout. I am sporadiclly getting zits every few days, but they pop up and dissapear w/ in the same day.

My nose has become really dry in past two days. It is pealing and flaking like crazy. The rest of my face has started to dry too. It has been my nose, but now my forehead and checks are also starting to dry.

Everything is going very well. I go to the derm on monday for my refill prescription.

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Day 29

I go for my monthly check up today at the derm. I will get my new precriptoin- I hope everything goes smoothly w/ ipledge. I am confident that it will because my derm has really been on top of things. They seem to have a pretty good handle on what is going on.

My skin is really calming down. The red marks are slowly fading. My cheecks feel like they are smoothing out too.

Nothing really exciting to report as far as the skin goes.

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Hello Ryan,

I am assuming that you got your script filled. I jumped through hoops to get mine and when I finally went to the pharmacy, they had no clue what Ipledge was. I explained that they had to call....they didn't do anything and just filled it. I hope that does not give me problems next month.

Anyway, I hope you are progressing...I am having great progress these last two days. Keep us posted ok?



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