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Guest pppapillon

I dunno what to do...

Guest pppapillon

Okay, so according to my dermatologist, I have very mild acne. And according to my sister, I have nothing on my face. BUT, all I see are imperfections. I have small red marks on my face that are fading and extremely shallow ice-picks (2-3 of them) (?) I believe are fading on its own. (If they don't fade on its own, I'm gonna get microdermabrasion when I'm clear. They are really very very shallow.)

I've been on the regimen for about 1.5 months now (since Jan 1st, 2006). In the past, I was on retin-a (0.025%) for 5 months and I was 99.99% clear. Then, I stopped retin-a for 5 months and decided to go on the CSR.

I think the CSR is working, but I don't like how it makes me look wrinkly. I do moisturize a lot, but I think BP makes your skin age fast.

Anyway, did anybody quit the CSR and go back on retin-a?

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In my opinion, retinoids are a MUCH better option for long-term treatment of mild acne than BP. They don't dehydrate your skin; they actually work to rebuild collagen and repair damaged skin cells from within. They don't make you look dry and wrinkly; once your skin gets used to them, they make it look healthy and fine lines actually become fainter.

If you are totally clear now and just want to get rid of redmarks, recondition your skin and stay clear, you probably don't even need a prescription retinoid to stay clear. Check out this product: Green Cream

It's a high-potency retinol lotion. Works much the same way as Retin A, but it's less strong, less irritating, and you don't need a prescription. A lot of people get marvelous results, myself included.

There's a long thread about it in the OTC forum as well.


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I'm having a similar dilemma... I have a tube of brand new Retin-a Micro sitting on my desk, but after 8 weeks of CSR am reluctant to go through a whole new purging stage, etc, especially since my skin has cleared drastically. I too am worried about bp's aging effects - I was hoping the fine lines were temporary (I now have lines around my mouth) but they don't seem to be. My skin is very smooth now because of regular exfoliation and besides bp's long-term harmful effects I would have no problem with staying on.

I'm sorry to hijack the thread, but for anyone out there with experience, how was the transition stage from CSR to retin-a? Did you still experience a purging stage?

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