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accutane AND tazorac?

I've been on accutane for 3 months now... just got my fourth month prescription from my doctor today. Still getting the odd pimple every other week or so... but instead of the cysts I was getting pre-accutane, its now just small whiteheads and millia that have been there forever that are coming to the surface and turning into pimples. I still have a small line of milia under the skin... on the side of my jaw. On here, I see that these can be removed by a dermatologist. But today, mine told me he wouldn't do that until I was off accutane -- AND said accutane wouldn't get rid of them. (as these keep turning into pimples on me, that had me a tad bit concerned.) Instead, he gave me tazorac to put solely on that spot, said it would take two months or so to take a hike.

Has anyone else been given this combination?

And... the doctor tells me tazorac will not turn them into pimples, but will instead make them "flake" and go away.

Can anyone out there testify to this?

I'm sure you can understand... I'm not all that interested in breaking out anymore 3 months into accutane!

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I've heard of one gal on here who had that same combo prescribed because her insurance wouldn't cover an increased dosage of 'tane. Anyway, from what I understand, it worked ok, but I would go slow with using this stuff. Tazorac is REALLY drying. Try using it every third night to start out, then every other, and so on.

I just started Taz about two weeks ago after finishing 'tane because my doc says you have to stay on a retinoid to maintain results. Hope she's right about that one!

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