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For those obsessing over scars and relationships

For those that are worried about not finding someone because of acne or scars, don't be. I think we all need to know that those things don't matter to EVERYONE. Just like every other "flaw", some people are gonna turn away from it and some aren't. I mean, overweight people and average framed people. I see them together all the time. Overweight people and overweight people... You think they got together because they're both fat and that's something they find they have in common? I really doubt it. There are going to be people who won't accept you for it, but lucky for all of us there are gonna be people who will. There comes a certain point when you have to stop and realize "Hey this is me. I am who I am. People will either accept it, or people won't. Either way, I'm happy with who I am and accepting myself shouldn't have to be a contemplation." Wow it almost sounds like I'm coming out all over again. Anywaaay... I'm sure it sounds a lot easier than it is. Look at it this way, you make a bigger deal over your skin than anyone else. Example: Heidi Klum (One of the world's most famous models) and Seal (Singer with scars from I don't know what)... they're married and happy together. And a lot of people wonder why she would want to be with him (which is stupid considering that she doesn't need to give anyone a reason), but obviously things like that don't matter to her. He's talented and I'm sure he has a lot of heart. Not saying that everyone is going to end up with some blonde babe who is 5'11 and 120lbs... but what I'm saying is that there's hope for everyone. And it shouldn't be questioned. NO ONE is completely accepted by EVERYONE. I mean, if there were 10 people in the whole world who were willing to give me a chance, I'm sure I could be happy with one of them. Knowing me, it's gonna be whichever one lives closest, because I'm really lazy.

I'm no therapist, but I think it would be a good idea for everyone to list three things they like about themselves.

1. My smile

2. My sense of humor

3. When I seek revenge, I feel genuinely bad.

:wall: Can't... get... through.

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Maybe its noth about other accepting you, its about not being able to accept yourself.

Some people can't be inrelationshpis because they are too anxious.

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