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about 2 weeks ago i was really broken out on my forhead and chin. i usually dont break out a lot but lately i have been. i was going to get proactive but my boyfrind convinved me to try over the counter things first. i am using about 4 different things that have been working amazingly. in a week a saw such a difference. here is my rountine for anyone that wants to try it:

--the one thing i use that i got perscribed from a dermatoligst is a face wash which ihave been using for years. so i dont think thats what have been helping seeing that the new ovetr the counter products are what made my face claer.

my rountine:

every morning

1. i wash my face with Rosaderm Cleanser (from my dermatolisist).

2. then i use st. ives apricot scrub for blemish and blackhead control. (i wet myface and then put it onmy finger tipsand rubin on my face in circles for about one minute. when your done pat your face dry.. dont rub your face.

3. i then use neutrogena clear pore oil-controlling astringent (blue liquid) on a cotton ball and rubiton where ever i have pimples or usually get them

4. i then use clearasil ultra acne treatment crem on a q-tip over my pimples ( i use the vanishing one since i use it n the mornings)

5. i sometimes use a lotion becausemy facetends to get very dry from all this, i dont have a particular face lotion. if anyone has one thats great please let me know. i have yet to find one i LOVE.

middle of the day

1. i will sometimes just use the rosaderm cleanser to lcean my face, since the apricot takes a little to get used to because its rough. but i will say after using the apricot scrub you instantly see your face really smooth.

at night

1. i do the whole morning rountine over accept where i use the neutrogena clar pore (blue liquid) i replace it with neutrogena clear pore treatment nighttime pore clarifying gel (ijust put a thin layer of the gel on my face before bed and after the whole rountine. follwed by the clearasil (which makes your pimples go away so fast) all the other stuff prevent pimples.

the one thing about all this is thatit tends to dry out your face alot. when i first started my rountine i was doing it 3 times a day and found my face extremely dry, so i changed to twice a day and its amazing so far. also i love to tan, and this makes your face very sensitve. so i have been using Jergen Natural Glow (medium skin tone) and it has given me a great tan until i can build up my skin to not be so dry. i also found by using this jergens tan stuff it is also a mositurizer and has helped my skin from being so dry.

one last thing i use throughout the day is clean and clear oil absorbing sheets. i go to the gym 6 days a week and i use thopse to get the dirt and oil off my face.

i know this is ALOT of info. i am so sorry but iknow how important our skin is. and i just want to let other know what has been working for me and hopefully it will work for you to. ifyou have any questions please feel free to respond and i will be happy to help with anything. also if anyone has any suggestions for me that works for you please let me know.

also i would love to hear feedback if this works for you!!!

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i was on here a few weeks ago looking for feedback about proactive. but i never signed up. when i found something that worked for me i decided to post it. because i would want to try something that someone else said would work...

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That's great that you feel this is working for you, but I have just a few words of caution:

-- That St Ives apricot scrub is awfully harsh ... I don't recommend it for exfoliation. It can actually cause tiny nicks in your skin through which bacteria can enter. Exfoliation is great, but that product is awful.

-- The astringent, pore-clearing gel, and Clearasil sound like very dehydrating products ... I am not sure what the active ingredients are in all of them, but are you sure you need all three? I notice that you said your skin is feeling dry. Dehydrating your skin is a bad long-term strategy; when the skin lacks water, it is actually more likely that comedones will form in the pores. Tanning will also dehydrate your skin.

I suggest that you keep experimenting and scout around on this board some more. Get recommendations for:

-- Gentle cleanser

-- Gentle exfoliant

-- Acne treatment

-- Light moisturizer with SPF (Neutrogena's Healthy Skin might be a good one for you)

I don't use drugstore products, so I don't have any other specific recommendations, but I'm sure there are other folks on the board who can help.


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This isn't SPAM because the person posting has complimented other products and is using it!!

WAY to go but im leery of using Clearsil, St. Ives, and Jergens

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