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Some things I hope a few might consider, possible answer here.......hope it helps


I dropped by here a good few months ago when my acne started to get bad. I am now 20 and although my acne was usually cystic, it was not a a constant problem when I was younger. Maybe one single cyst every other month or somthing like that, its so long ago I cant remember, that would be when I was about 15 / 16.

Way back then, for some reason it went away, I dont even think I realised that it went away, it just did, but it came back 8 or 9 months ago and caused an awful problem in my life. I found it very hard to do my job, and being pissed off all the time made me not - a very nice person. I'm sure a lot of people here can understand that.

So I finally went to see my doctor and I was given Minocin, which I feel does help, but by no means a cure.

Before I list below all the different things I done recently to help myself, I would like to explain that my diet changes every so often, I take notions for things and would eat that twice a day for main meals, then I would get fed up with it and go back to somthing else. I know its not strictly healthy, but I usually do what I want no matter if its 'supposed' to be good or bad for you, it didnt cause any problems for me before, but it did 9 months ago. I got fed up eating toast in the morning and started to eat cearial. You might think, no big deal its only cearial, but until that point the only milk I consumed everyday was a very small amount in my tea during tea break. First thing in the morning I am hungry, maybe more hungry than most and would eat a good feed for breakfast, so your talking 2 full bowls of cearial at least and I could still eat more. For my lunch I would have chicken breast sandwiches with brown bread, maybe the same for tea and another bowl of cearial before bed. I think you'll agree thats quite a bit of milk, at least 1 litre a day. The acne started, first it wasnt a big worry, I went back to my school days, buying face washes etc... I didnt think it had anything to do with my diet, just my age being 20, and I'd also noticed I had got slightly taller in the past year, So i thought it was just a natural body change.... I changed every other variable and it woudlnt go away. So heres what I done ALL at once, and it worked OK. I know you guys arnt stupid and are more than familiar with some of the stuff I will list below.

NO MILK, full stop !

Laser treatment (£150), 1 month later, microdermabrasion (only costs £60 at my clinic, why stories of $2000 here ??)

Face wash 4 times a day

Very light covering of OIL FREE moisturiser

Lots of water

Good sleep

I know this sounds stupid, but I think my acne got worse when we had wet weather, damp, humid conditions, but I think it was only a contributing factor, not the cause at all.

Some of Clearasils products really dried my skin out bad, and one of their mositurisers no doubt blocked pores.

Heres some other things I found with my day to day routine that I hope might help some people:

--Milk WAS what caused my acne, no doubt in my mind. No milk for 7 weeks, skin is clear like it was 9 months ago

--I found that eating biscuits causes oily, irritated skin

--I tried my luck one night and had 2 big chicken fillet burgers at once, greasy, fatty... caused no problems

--I found drinking too much pure orange juice causes oily, irritated skin

--For men here, I found the best razor to use was the very cheapest beleive it or not.... the plain and simple single blade razor cuts with much less irritation, I use Sanex shaving foam too which I have no problems with. Other foams and different razors do cause me problems, so I avoid them now

--I dont use any moisturiser any more, It was also causing me to have oily skin (but free from acne). I figured if I didnt need it 9 months ago, why now, So I stopped using it completey and i'm much happier with the way my skin feels without anything on it. No irritation any more, yet the moisturiser did help to stop acne at one time OK.

--At one time I thought sugar was causing my acne, so I stopped drinking beer (cause its full of it), and it didnt have any effect. With my acne now gone, I can drink as much beer as I like and no skin problems. I hope you understand I'm not an alcoholic, but look forward to a good drink at the weekend as I work very long, stressful hours.

-- I think you'll find that red wine and spirits will actually help to clear skin, they clean the blood and remove toxins, the red wine more so.

--I know this will cause a stir, but dont loose the head over me saying this, take what you like from the information.... - I quit smoking about a month before my problems started, I had will power, needed no help, quit over night. When the acne started I didnt even consider that the fact that I had quit smoking could have had an effect. After 4 / 5 months of being off them and it was getting worse, I started again simply to see if it helped..... it had an effect straight away and got better everyday since. BUT - I still feel it was the milk causing the problems and I am going to stop soon to see what happens. Also, remember how many chemicals there are in cigarettes, after being quit for a month, I would imagine my blood was pretty free from the chemicals at that stage, maybe it was the lack of chemicals that caused the problem.... DONT GO STARTING TO SMOKE NOW, I WISHED I NEVER STARTED, I DIDNT HAVE ACNE WHEN I STARTED SMOKING!!!!

-- Dont wash face with water that is too hot to touch, or still, colder than you can still touch by hand. I think lukewarm is the best.

-- DO NOT RUB FACE DRY, or even move the towel in any motion when on your face, pat only.

-- I found that showering too much caused back and shoulder acne, twice a week is enough if you dont wear too many layers. I used to shower every morning in the summer and have guess......... Changed the situation, no longer a problem.

I would like to tell everyone that my Acne has gone away, there are little scars which have started to fade. The laser treatment was supposed to be the perfect cure for the type of acne I had, MAYBE it was the laser that cleared my skin, but I didnt need laser treatment 9 months ago did I ??? Anyway, it helped with the little scars. also...Microdermabrasion isnt a very nice proceedure, but after 1 treatment (of about 6, one per month), it does help with skin tone.

You all must think I weigh a ton with the amount of food talk here, well acutally, I cant put weight on at all. 20 year old male, 5'10" and about 10 1/2 - 11 stone. Doctor says the height to weight is correct.

I strongly believe that diet has an effect on acne, no matter what the so called experts say. There is no one more expert on your skin, than you yourself, through your own experiences - day to day, what works and what doesnt. I waited 3 months to see a dermatologist, by the time the appointment came round, I had solved the problem myself, but still, went and talked to the woman, it was free, she didnt have a clue about acne, I think I taught her a thing or 2 that day, so called experts !

I believe everyones skin will react different to different things, and there ance is caused by different things due to genetics, but maybe you can link some of my experiences with your own daily life and realise where you might find a change.

Its hard and depressing, but when you come through it, you'll be smarter for it, probably have a healthier lifestyle and the things that used to make you mad everyday, you can handle, becuase compared to acne, its nothing ! When your acne goes away, you'll appreciate the good things you have in life, no matter how big or small they are.

Hope this helps someone. I'd like to see some comments of what some of you think, and if you maybe had some of the same experiences as me.

Best regards.

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That is the kind of thinking that will make people suffer longer. I dont believe anything of that post.

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Uhm, I quit smoking 3 months ago and it did me wonders. It was easy for me to quit since I was only a social smoker and only smoked when I felt like smoking in which my condition was rare.

Quitting smoking did my face wonders, not only did it lessen the yellowish appearance on my skin due to the nicotine but also it made my whole body glow like hell plus it diminished the bumps on my arm. My skin never became dry and I too also quit on drinking bi carbonate sodas specially coke. Cause it's one of the one thing that causes within my system hormonal imbalance.

Please don't go telling your story here that quitting smoking has affected your acne to go from moderate to severe. Because whatever you do it is always bad for you. Even though your mental state of mind do think that smoking was one of the main things that supports your theory that you acne got better, please realize that it may control your acne but smoking can and will always kill you. Acne may ruin your self esteem but smoking will kill you. Please weigh your options and then choose. There are so many alternative cures in this world and the one thing that you think that might have helped your acne is by smoking. :snooty:

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I don't smoke, but I don't believe alot of the stuff they say about tobacco. All the statistics are bogus.

I don't really see a reason to disbelieve you, QuietEngineer. You're right that people should quit hopping on acne cure bandwagons and just pay attention to what makes <i>them</i> break out. I'll quit drinking milk for a while and see if it does anything.

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Hi Quietengineer,

Sounds like you put a lot of effort into trying to figure out the "why" you get acne. That is commendable. Most of us just complain about it and give up trying to figure it out. I quit smoking 3 months ago and started Accutane shortly after but if I were to give an opinion I would say smoking does harm to your skin and not any good. I tend to give the readers here a little more credit, I don't think anyone is going to go out and start smoking in hopes to make their skin better. However, you probably should be more concerned with your lungs than your acne when it comes to tobacco. I worked for P. Morris for years and I will tell you that smoking is horrible for the body. As far as the person who wrote that tobacco statistics are bogus they are not, trust me on that one.

Anyway, your post was interesting and I wish you the best of luck with your skin.

Take care,


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