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I've suffered from some degree of acne for about seven years now. It has not been a fun experience. I have learned a lot about this disease and I wish I knew what I know now 7 years ago. If I did, I would have fewer scars today. I am currently 90-99% clear all the time, but I can break myself out if I wanted to. I want to let you all know what I think about acne and how I have been able to manage it naturally.

The cause of acne is hormonal. This is why conventional medicine maintains that diet does not affect acne. This is ridiculous; what we eat does have an effect on our hormonal levels and our ability to break down excess hormones. Diet affects acne in two ways: by directly increasing the androgenic hormones that cause acne and by indirectly increasing these hormones. Hormones are directly increased via foods including dairy, high sugar foods, coffee, alcohol, and other foods that increase androgen levels in our body. Dairy is loaded with its own hormones, sugar causes an increase in androgenic hormones, and coffee and alcohol increase cortisol, which also serves to turn on sebaceous glands. Hormones are indirectly increased through diet via foods that impair the body's ability to break down hormones. These foods include anything that impedes liver detoxification - foods that we're allergic to, alcohol, fried food, insufficient water, whatever.

One of the most powerful vitamins for acne is vitamin A as it reduces sebum production, so it helps to mitigate the effects of hormones on our skin. Note - stick to beta-carotene rich foods rather than vitamin A as high-dose vitamin A is toxic.

My point is that diet and acne are intimately connected and that reducing certain foods while increasing others may have a dramatic effect on your skin and the quality of your life. I am very disappointed about the way acne is handled conventionally, as it does not seem that difficult to get to the bottom of things (especially if this is your area of exertise). So why would anyone say that diet does not affect acne? It almost makes me buy into the conspiracy hypotheses about how if doctors told this to people they would lose business. I hope that's not the case.

I hope this helps someone. Good luck!

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