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Help me please!

Hey everyone

I just moved to california and i love the beach, so i decided to shave my chest cause it was mad hairy and i didnt like they way it looked. right after i did, i loved it, but now i have developed razor bumps. it looks like acne and i hate it! ahhhhhhhhh!

i purchased tend skin right before this happened to use on my chin, and now im using it on my chest as well. Just in case this stuff doesnt work, does anyone else know what i should do?

and how can i keep my chest hair free without running into this problem?

ANY HELP would be great. thanks for reading this.

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There are probably scores of men out there who have considered chest hair removal, but because the chest is such a large area, it has seemed like an overwhelming challenge. But it doesn't have to be.

Even shaving with a wet razor, the most common method of chest hair removal, can create results that will enhance your over all look if you just follow a few simple rules:

If the hair is somewhat long, trim it down before chest hair removal. You can use scissors, but a hair trimmer works best.

Always thoroughly moisturize your chest hair and skin. Take a shower first or better yet, do your chest hair removal in the shower if at all possible. The steam will open the follicles, relax the skin and soften the hairs which will save wear and tear on your skin and the blade. Allow your skin to be wet for five to ten minutes before shaving.

Apply whatever lubricant you prefer to further soften your chest hair, lock in moisture, help keep the hair erect, reduce friction and condition the skin. For the best chest hair removal results, use a rich lubricant that doesn't contain chemicals to irritate the skin and helps the razor glide easily across the skin.

Always use a fresh blade for the best chest hair removal results. A dull blade is the number one cause of skin irritation from shaving. And because the chest is such a large area, have more clean blades where you can get at them easily when you need a change.

Once your skin and hair is fully moisturized, gently pull the skin taut with one hand and draw the razor across your skin with the other in long strokes. To avoid cutting yourself, missing hairs or causing razor burns, shave slowly with a wet razor. And don't apply too much pressure.

Shave your chest hairs down first, then a second time, up.

Make sure there's always plenty of lubricant as you're shaving your chest. And don't shave over the same area repeatedly. If your razor even starts to drag, change the blade.

When your chest hair removal is complete, thoroughly rinse off any remaining lubricant with warm water.

Then, rinse again, only this time with cold water. This will go a long way to calm and close agitated follicles as well as tone the skin over all.

Pat your chest dry, making sure not to rub.

You may be used to applying witch hazel, after shave or another alcohol based product on your face after shaving because you've heard it acts as an astringent to kill bacteria. But have you also heard that alcohol dries out the skin, which is another major cause of skin irritations after shaving? There are a number of natural lotions, creams and oils that will kill bacteria, prevent infection and condition your skin after your chest hair removal.

To further help your skin from becoming inflamed after chest hair removal, many males find a light dusting of talc free powder or cornstarch and wearing loose fitting clothing does the trick.

Depending on how quickly your hair grows, chest hair removal will need to be done every 1-4 days.

So you see - Chest hair removal, even by shaving with a wet razor, isn't that big of a challenge.

<<<< http://www.hair-removal-shaver.com/chest-hair-removal.htm >>>>>

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