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Hello all!

I've been aware of this site since 2003, before the launch of Dan's BP Gel in fact, but I have never found the need to follow the Clear Skin Regimen at all. I have very oily skin that breaks out routinely, but I never paid it any close attention until now.

Since high school, I have been plagued by unpredictable breakouts, varying skin textures, and worse of all, OILINESS. I can only think of maybe 3 months out of every year when my skin is in perfect condition. That record is pretty bad now that I think about it. I'm 21 now. Overall though my acne is mild, but keep in mind that I'm not completely immune from huge eruptions. The kind of breakout that hits you overnight and stays with you for weeks at a time. The kind that gives you red, tender bumps that really hurt and protrude from your face like facial volcanoes! :mad:

Anyway, I have been enjoying clear skin until this past holiday season when I was hit by a very nasty breakout. I switched moisturizers to Neutrogena Moisture for Combo Skin, and one pimple slowly turned into a group meeting on my face. I'm not sure if the moisturizer triggered the breakout but all I know is that I brokeout and that's all that matters. It was terrible and I was embarassed to show my face around my family. I'm usually given compliments by my relatives about how good I look, etc. so showing up with zits made me very anxious and uncomfortable.

Starting off 2006, I made it my resolution to clear up my face. This is when things started going very wrong. I got caught up in my appearance and began using so many different products on my face! I still remember switching facial cleansers almost every few days hoping that a miracle cure would come. I would scrub away and slather all sorts of creams on my face. I still remember that my skin would feel very sensitive, as though it would breakout any minute. If I woke up one day with more breakouts I would trash my current cleanser and buy another one, it was really a bad time for me. Finally, with my skin red, inflamed, and heavily broken out, I spent some time to read about acne on this site. I understood now what my problem was. I was mixing acne treatments together and wasn't gentle with my skin. I didn't pay attention to what I was putting on my face. Salicylic acid, glycolic acid, sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, etc.. it was all on my face! And maximum strength at that! I then began to research different products on epinions.com, drugstore.com, and here on acne.org. I've learned a great deal from other people's experiences and put together my own skincare arsenal based on their recommendations.

In February I headed to Target with my shopping list: Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser, Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner, Clean & Clear 10% Persagel, and Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15.

--Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser: This cleanser cleans really well and is very gentle on my skin. It never felt harsh or irritating and never left my skin red. I also like how it doesn't contain filler ingredients that may aggravate your face. It is basic but very efficient. It is not medicated.

--Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner: I bought this to combat the drying effects that many people on this board have been describing. The flakes that persist after cleansing are swept away with this toner, and it is not harsh at all. If you have problems with extreme dryness or tightness or cracking your face when you smile, add this toner to your regimen! Trust me it really helps! It is not medicated.

--Clean & Clear 10% Persagel: This really helped to ease my breakouts. After a week, my face was already showing much improvement. It dries out breakouts very effectively.

--Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15: This is a very good moisturizer and SPF is a must.

Working with the Clear Skin Regimen, I made my own variation. Morning and night I will: wash my face, use the toner right afterward to sweep away any dry skin/flakes, wait 15 minutes or until the toner completely dries (important!), apply benzoyl peroxide all over my face, wait 10 minutes, then moisturize as needed. After this I will lightly dab my face with my towel to remove excess product and that is all! 3 weeks into this and my skin is looking great! I am not breaking out daily anymore, and acne leaves my face more quickly. My skin tone is going back to normal and I am starting to get that "glow" that I used to have. Old acne marks are fading day by day as long as I don't touch them. More importantly, my skin is less oily and overall younger looking. I believe that my face is now balanced and happy. Finally!

Enough with my rant, but I just wanted to share my regimen. Good luck to everyone and never lose hope!

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