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TCA Cross Method, coupled with TCA Peel on Entire Face?

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Hello Everyone,

Being that I am a new member to this forum, I wanted to extend a hearty "thank you" to everyone who posts their experiences/results as I have learned a great deal already.

As you all can imagine, I have spent years trying to find a treatment that will help reduce and/or eliminate my scars. The only one that seems promising is the TCA cross method. I purchased the 16% and 20% tca peel from www.platinumskincare.com, however, I am reluctant to use the products since I am not entirely sure how to perform both the peel and the cross method together. I have called Platinum and they did give me instructions, but I guess I need a little more assurance.

If anyone has performed these procedures before, I would appreciate it if they could let me know what my best course of action would be. FYI-I have pitted/icepick acne scars on both my cheeks, major discoloration from picking :wall: and my face just has an overall dull, withered look.

Once again, many thanks to everyone and I look forward to any response.

All the best,

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Hi, I hate to be the first to tell you, but a 20% tca solution is not strong enough to do a cross. You may want to try a spot peel with the weaker version you ordered in an inconspicuous place and work your way up to a higher strength. Most say you need at least a 50% tca for a cross but you need to see how your skin reacts with the lower strength on only small areas to start off with. I do spot peels with a 15% by using a q-tip and stretching the skin and applying on the scarred area untill I reach a desired frosting. I have tried it several times and know how my skin reacts. You may want to try an area which is close to your ear or hairline to start off with and just dab the solution on a scar. If it begins to sting badly, you can neutralize with a baking soda/ water paste solution. There are many instructions on the forum for TCA cross. This involves dipping a toothpick into a strong tca solution (without dripping) and putting it inside the scar to create a frost (skin whites over). It later forms a scab and then begins to re-heal. I wouldn't, however try this as your first experience with tca since the stronger solutions can burn and/ or scar your good skin. Start with the mild spot peels then possibly on larger areas. Then if you feel comfortable, you can try the cross at a later date.

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