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I have been on accutane for the past 2 days. on the 2nd day i used it, I went to a party and drank alot. Not enough for me to get drunk, but enough for a nice good buzz. Should I not drink while on accutane? Also, I have been losing weight in these 2 days. 5lbs to be exact. Should I tell my derm about the weight loss?

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don't worry too much about it, just be careful. during my first round of accutane, I binge drank on a regular basis and my liver enzymes were fine. I'm not saying you should drink, because everyone is different on Accutane. But, just don't worry yourself sick over it. However, i think my side effects were worse when I drank on accutane. I'm doing my second round now, and I am completely abstaining from alcohol. no more partying like a rockstar =(

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:shock: You can REALLY mess up your liver if you drink even lightly while on Accutane.

Don't scare people; its stupid.

You can do serious damage, but casual drinking is fine. Two days on Accutane is nothing; somebody hasn't informed you, and you haven't done the necessary research, if you are honestly asking these questions.

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My appetite has decreased since I've started taking Accutane, in a way it is good because I don't find myself thinking about food all of the time. I still have an appetite, but just eat smaller portions. You just have to keep an eye on your weight loss.

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