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twitchy muscles on accutane?

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has anyone else experienced this? theres one muscle just under my left eye that has been twitching uncontrollably on and off for the last 3 days....ive got one week of a 6 month accuatne course (skin is flawless now) left so i think ill stop now but has anyone else experienced this?

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i had this but not whilst i was on accutane.... my muscle under the eye would twitch like 2 times every period (at school....only way i could keep track of how often it twitched) it was funky and it lasted for a while but eventually it just went away.

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Dont listen to the above post telling you not to listen to the above post. It has nothing to do with Accutane, and to make sure, just tell your doctor about it.

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DO NOT TELL YOUR DOCTOR ABOUT IT. Don't tell your doctor about any side-effects (besides the usual, dry skin, eyes, hand rashes; or ones that are truly bothering you). Doctors are scared enough about Accutane, listing every little thing to your doctor will scare them even more and perhaps lead them to change your doseage in a negative way. Only tell them about serious/worrying/threatening symptoms. (This was told to me by my GP herself.)

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