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some questions on fruits

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i read that bananas are high in sugar and that whole GI/GL rating stuff and should be avoided because high blood sugar level can aggravate acne? is this true? after i read that somewhere i havent eaten bananas for atleast a month but i love em cause they good for the bowel movement...

also are blue berries any good? i read that they are a strong anti oxidant... maybe i should switch to blue berries more?

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Dont kill yourself over this stuff. Just eat it.

They all have sugar. But instead of eating other things that have sugars (like bread) you can eat fruit.

Dont kill yourself over this! I can not stress that enough. Youll get acne just from the shear stress...

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Yes it seems that bananas and citrus fruits should be avoided, along with just about everything else.

I'd like to know what we CAN eat (except from apples and vegetables)

Don't get me wrong, I believe that there is a connection between diet and acne but obsessing over every little thing you put in your mouth is just stupid ,unhealthy (lack of protein calcium etc) and impractical over any legnth of time.

Just use common sense- avoid anything that is obviously junk and drink plenty of water every day.

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Purely from the GI/GL standpoint, it shouldn't be too detrimental if you eat an underripe banana (meaning lots of green on the peel, and the inside has a stiffer, whiter quality to it).... according to glycemicindex.com, if you eat a banana which is decently underripe, the glycemic load drops to nearly half of a ripe banana's GL.

I don't seem to have a problem with moderately underripe bananas. Take my suggestions with a grain of salt. And as always, research these things yourself, use experience and common sense to guide you. If the research on glycemic load pans out, then expect to see books trying to capitalize on the findings. They'll probably explain this better than I can (and give safer advice).

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I really think that generally fruits and veggies are good for you. The things to avoid or consume in moderation are candy, nuts, coffee, sodas, sports drinks, and dairy products.

Also, drinking a lot of water is essential.

theres nothing wrong with nuts.. they contain almost all good fats.. absolutely nothing wrong with eating them.

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