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Moisturizers feeding acne

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I can't help but feel that Moisturizers feed my spots!

when i get up in the morning and wash this regimen mask off my face (bp and moisturizer) my skins so dry and tight i look like shit and find myself not wanting to leave the house!

Do i apply moisturizer in the morning? with or without more bp? when i have in the past it just looks greasy and feels like im feeding my spots.

I find myself yet again questioning if this is the right thing to do but in the end theres nothin els to do ive been on countless tabs through the years with no success and sick of wastein time and money on this fucking never ending circle of dissapointment.

Do i go see a derm and risk wastein £180 per appointment becasue theres no doubt they will only give me the same ole shit ive tried befor!

I wanted this to be the year i finaly combated this problem but right now its lookin bleak :(

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try a different Moisturizer, alot of lotions will clog pores...i use Eucerin dry skin therapy lotion....i tryed all others and by far this stuff is amazing.

and follow the regimem excactly....and in no time you will be clear. :)

yes,always apply moisturizer after BP....

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You should always apply some moisturizer after using BP. I believe and have heard that it's most effective to use moisturizer maybe 10-15 minutes after. Maybe because any moisturizer is a little irritating so its best to wait for the bp to have already set before using anything else.

However, I've had trouble finding a moisturizer that I really liked.. but anyway use one that is oil-free and non-comodegenic. Even if something doesn't clog your pores, the oil mixed in with acne bacteria will still make things worse and might be what is "feeding" your acne.

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Quit using commercial moisturizers and switch to jojoba oil or emu oil. Jojoba is a better moisturizer overall, but emu helps soften the skin.

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Do not be afraid to use a moisturizer just because you have acne. When I first read about the regimen, I too was afraid of using a moisturizer. I didn't really understand how acne was treated and what the cause was. I thought that oil on the surface of the skin caused it, and that the treatments only worked by drying the surface of the skin. In reality, acne forms below the surface of the skin. The medicines like BP actually penetrate the skin, the drying of the surface is just a side effect. The moisturizer will help keep the surface healthy while the BP helps fight new acne below the surface. Give the regimen time before you judge it.
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