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Do not bash me i did not write this but this may help/ or even eliminate your acne

The cure for acne is detoxification and I will explain to you why:

According to all the research done on acne sufferers, we have been found to have several deficiencies occuring all at once or one at a time. Those deficiencies are:

- vitamins especially vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B3 and more recently, vitamin B5

- minerals especially zinc, chromium and selenium

- essential fatty acids especially omega 3's but also omega 6 like gamma-linolenic-acid and linolenic acid

- reduced activity of beneficial bacteria in the gut which also causes constipation.

- reduced enzyme activity

By supplementing with the nutrients that are in a deficient state, all we are doing is providing the body with more nutrients to work with, but the problem is not corrected. This is why acne sufferers usually have to injest high dosages of supplements to get some benefits. Since the body has a reduced capacity of processing fats, carbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, then consuming mega doses of these nutrients temporarily solves the problem, but yet the root cause is not addressed.

The reason why we have all these deficiencies is because are bodies are toxic with some type of heavy metal poisoning. Toxicities in the body block the absorption and conversion of nutrients so that the body appears to be deficient when in reality the problem comes from malabsorption.

You can spend hundreds of dollars a month taking mega doses of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals but you still won't erradicate the problem. You might see some benefit from taking all these supplements but the regimen will be hard to keep up and your wallet won't like it either.

Instead, address the cause: detoxification is the key. Once the body is clean, the organs can process hormones and nutrients properly and the body returns to a state of harmony and no longer needs mega doses of vitamins and minerals.

The best detoxifiers are not herbs but sulfur based supplements combined with certain vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin B6, zinc, B3, manganese, molybdenum and vitamin C are excellent detoxifiers. Combine them with N-acetyl-cysteine or L-Cysteine or alpha-lipoic acid and you will have a great combination. N-acetyl-cysteine increases glutathione levels in the body. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier.

Two wonderful supplements for detoxification are:

- Coenzyme A Master Nutrient by Coenzyme A Technologies

- Nordic Naturals Ultimate Detox Formula

Both these formulas are excellent. Take one and combine it with a high potency multivitamin/mineral and drink a lot of water daily.

You will find that your body will be better able to process fats and sugars and that certain foods that used to make you break out, won't anymore.

This is the key, good luck

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i believe a chemist is what you call drug stores in the UK?

but yeah, MSM and NAC are in my daily supplement regime and I believe they are one of the reasons I haven't been breaking out as often, though my face is still plagued with red marks and some big pimples...

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Guest Akira

bah, i've tried the detox, im sick of it, im going up the pub to go on the retox!

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bah, i've tried the detox, im sick of it, im going up the pub to go on the retox!

Especially when it doesnt do anything for your skin. It does for some people

but not for me. All thats really ever helped my skin was doing Dans BP regimen.

Although I do eat healthy drink lots of water and work out.

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