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Background on my experience on Retin-A so far...

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Well first things first, derm gave me a prescription to get Retin-A 0.1%. Wore it everyday, in the night, along with dalacin in the morning (I put that on every few days or so). During the first week, nothing really happened. After a two weeks, my skin because very bumpy and my brown spots were turning red. My face was also a pretty bad sight, because since my acne was on my cheeks, I had red cheeks and another colour on the forehead. So in three weeks, my skin started breaking out acne just about everywhere, some parts where I never had it before. I didn't like it. So after 1.5 months, I sometimes breakout. Currently I'm at 2 months and some acne has been going off and on, but overall it's probably neutral right now. Still have quite a lot left in my 30g tube, I guess it will take a few more weeks to finish it.

Anyways, my doctor recommended me a cleanser to buy if my skin gets dry, but since the pharmacist took my prescription, I didn't know what to get. Usually in the morning I just go straight out to school without anything on (it's winter time so no sun), or sometimes I wash my face for about ten minutes with water, hoping to dry the flakes...but usually ends up just dry. Anyways, what cleanser should I get? I feel late getting it but it's a pain in the morning. I'm thinking cetaphil would be good?


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my derm told me to use....La roche posay Effaclar....

I like it...its very gentle, ph balance, soap free...it doesnt make u have that dry feeling after u use it...it scheap too like 14$

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From your post i got the impression that you are only going to use the retin-a for a couple more weeks. This medication is not a cure, you have to keep using it every night to continue to prevent new breakouts.

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Yes, I know. Derm put me on 3 refills, and I haven't even begun the first. So is cetaphil a good wash to clean the dry scalps off my face in the morning?

a lot of people like it

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As of now I'm all about the cetaphil. I use a sephora face brush (suuuuper soft) with the cetaphil gentle skin bar in the morning to get the flakes off, and cetaphil normal/oily at night. I've tried the purpose bar but I honestly find it way too drying.

Don't forget to moisturise with spf!!! that'll make a huge difference.

I'm going on week 7 and I'm pretty damn happy with the retin a.

stay strong, brother!

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I use cetaphil to wash my face. And every couple of days i use aveeno daily skin brightneing scrubto remove the flakes (it is for sensitive skin and non-comedogenic), then I moisturize liberally with oil of olay complete.

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