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Very easy way to keep cystic acne at bay

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Hey -

I'm 23, going on 24, and I've had cystic acne since I was 17. I started with the usual teenage acne at 13, and my face turned into a giant infection when the stress of life and all the body chemistry stuff went nuts around 17.

I have major scars, deep wells carved out by multiple infections under my skin. I went on Accutane when I was 19 on a high dosage. 2 years later, eveything went back to being infected.

I have always prayed for God to take away my acne. Nothing - eggs, diet, cleansers or pills has ever worked or cured me. I'm about to get married and earnestly prayed for Jesus to please not let me look like a pizza on my wedding day.

I don't know why- I give the credit to God, but I just started a simple routine out of the blue. Because of it my skin is clearing, my cystic acne is at bay, my open sores have healed, and my face is softer and has returned to a normal color.

Two words- hot water.

I start by filling up my sink with the hottest water I can get. The kind that you can stick your hand in, and it doesn't burn it, but is very uncomfortable for more than a few seconds. This obviously means you should use caution. Some water heaters will scald you. We're not talking that hot, but we are not talking sissy hot either. This is the kind of hot water where if you were talking at shower and it suddendly changed temperature, would not scream or jump, but you would definitely move your butt out of the way of the water. For those of you who like short cuts, I'm sure if you think hotter water will do more in a shorter time, remember water burn scars are uglier then acne, so don't try it. Some of you also think that any kind of hot water is unbearable, so this is probably not going to work for you. You need to get your skin hot and red, not just toasty.

So, after filling up my sink, I stand over it with my hair back in a tshirt I can get wet. Make sure nothing in your sink will prevent you from freely putting your face in the sink and removing it (like a faucet that you could hit your head on going down or coming up.) I basically hold my breath, suck in my lips and close my eyes (lips are the most sensitive I find to the hot water, so I keep them out of the way) and put my face in the hot water for as long as I can stand. If the water hurts your skin for more than a few seconds, it's too hot. Your skin should adjust pretty quickly. I make sure my chin and part of my neck are submergered, since I have cysts there too. I come up for air, and repeat until I've soaked my face for about 2 minutes. By now my skin is good and pink.

Then, I use a normal face cleaner. I use noxema or an herbal soap, or apricot scrub, depending on if my face was dry that day or not. Scrub is recommended to get off the dead skin. Then I go back under the water and let it soak more, which washes most of the cleanser off. I then drain the sink, wash the rest of the cleanser off with warm water, and fill the sink up again with the hot water. I soak for 2 more minutes in the hot water (skin is more sensitive now) and then drain. Then I "seal" by splashing cold water on my skin to close the pores back up. Pat my skin dry with a CLEAN towel. If it's before bed, I put noxema on my face and leave it on overnight.

The first week I did this, my skin was dry a lot. After two weeks, my skin adjusted and no longer is peeling or excessively dry. I do this in the mornings and every night.

From what I can tell, the hot water opens the pores and allows you to clean the caverns and get rid of the dead skin cells that are deeper in your skin. It also promotes blood circulation and renewing of the skin.

Coming from someone who's tried everything in the book, it's so simple, it's worth trying.

God Bless you!


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I have been doing the same thing you did for a while now and i have to say that it does work to some extent (except i splash the hot water on my face). i only have mild/moderate acne though, but i noticed that after i was done my skin felt alot better. im on Jessfoliation right now and i would wash my face with really hot water and cetaphil. I know the hot water is probably not good for the skin, but heck, it seems to work. All i have left are red marks, no more breakouts, and the red makrs are starting to fade.

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Oh my GOD, if this is the answer to my horrendous acne which is about to break out of this very moment. And from the looks of it, it is an intertwined acne located in one spot. It's like a two in one combo. 2 cyst's in one area. The puss has'nt come out but hope it comes out as soon as possible because the longer it stays on the pimple undected and not visible, it spreads more bacteria I think. I am so gonna burn my face tonight... Hope my face peels due to excessive third degree burns by soaking in hot water... Just joking...

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Wow man, the bumps and pimples are still there, but this alleviated alot of blotchiness and redness - which I think is mostly what makes it look bad in the first place. And that's only after having done it once in the shower this morning! Thanks alot!

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Saturn, do you use this technique once or twice a day?

I do it twice a day- once when I get up in the morning and once before bed. I rub in a small amount of Noxema right after I do this at night- leaving it on my skin until the next morning. I don't know if this helps avoid it getting too dry from the warm water. I know it helps my dry hands during the winter.

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This technique basically brings up all the clogged and irritated pores up to a head. It's going to look a bit worse a couple of days, but it does work in the long run.

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Sounds good but I don't think the water needs to be painfully hot. I would have though prolonged moderate heat should just open the pores (>5mins)

There's this thread on facial steaming that everyone loved at the time:


Just don't pay too much attention to the *lolz* and *gigglez!!~~*, it's deceptive; tiramisu is probably some genius dermatologist in real life.

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