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:doh: Ive been on the regiment for 9 days now and my face was looking absolutely amazing the first week and now it looks like i got punched by an acne fist just pretty much in the past 2 days..... and its only in one area my chin.........................! GOD I HATE ACNE.... IF ACNE WAS A PERSON I WOULD............. :evil::ninja::naughty:
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That's to be expected... the same thing happened for me... and throught the next couple of weeks too... i've been on for 1 month now, i THINK *knock on wood* im beginning to see results... i've still got patches that just won't heal

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AHHH yea i know thats to be expected i guess but grrrrr f*ck the acne god...... who curses all of us.......... and that neosporin regiment............ not my favorite..

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This is to be expected, you'll have a few breakouts before you're totally clear apparently.

My skin was perfect after the first 4 days, up until about 2 weeks, and then KafuckingBOOM! my chin went bezerk, but luckily a few days later, that's clearing and the rest of my skin is still flawless.

It seems it's not smooth sailing, but worth waiting for the breakouts to clear.

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