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Prescriptive's magic line smoother

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I just bought this product after hearing everyone ranting and raving over it. I'm using it to fill in acne scars, but it leaves my face too sticky to use under makeup. I'm I applying it wrong? How long should it take to dry? One of you mentioned applying concealer over it, but how can this be when it's wet? Thanks, all

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This is how I use the product:

1. After my moisturizer has dried I apply MAC's matte cream.IPB Image

2. Then I apply MAC's studio concealer.IPB Image

3. Foundation is next. Currently I am using Maybelline's Pure Foundation. Love it! IPB Image

4. Then powder, blush, etc.

5. After everything is done I spot apply the invisible line smoother to any problem area. I use a fingernail art brush/dot tool that I got from Sally's beauty supply. It has a round nub on one end and a tiny brush on the other. I use the round end to dab a tiny bit of the product into the scar and then I use the brush end to smooth it over. I never use a large amount, only a very tiny bit dabbed into the scar. Later in the day if you need to touch up your powder there should be no problems with spotting. It takes some experimenting to get it perfected for your needs. Good luck! IPB Image

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So does it definately work then? Ive seen this product advertised but it seemed too good to be true. Does it give really good results? Does it make the pitted area look smooth?

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I've tried the prescriptives line smoother trick and to get results used it totally differently to what people are posting here.

The stuff reflects light. When you put it in several scars it looks like you've got small shining diamonds in your skin. In other words it draws attention because it doesn't look normal. If you think this isn't what it looks like I suggest you ask a friend whether you've now got shining scars. I tried it on my other half and confirmed my theory of "shining diamonds".

However I did notice that the stuff fills the scars nicely (in my case rolling). I just then used my lady's skin colourd powder and lightly covered the magic line smoother.

Thats better! No reflection but you do have the fill.

Yeah, I'm a guy and I've done this prescriptives thing about 3-4 times.

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I'm really disappointed because I thought it would dry, and that I could use it to fill in my pitted scars. Unfortunately, it only makes an obvious difference on small scars, like ice picks or scarred pores. Using enough to fill in pits prevents it from drying, and it leaves those areas sticky and reflective of light- making the scars even more noticeable. I was hoping it would be a product that wouldn't show, as I hate looking caked-up.

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Using enough to fill in pits prevents it from drying

Do what I said in my post, get some powder on those filled valleys to get rid of the reflection and I think you may be quite pleased.

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i tried bought and tried this product and it does nothing by itself. i think you really need the powder. also, why did you start a new thread for this?

also, why didnt you continue the old one. starting a new thread for this topic makes the site more cluttered.

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i use prescriptives virtual skin foundation which i love.. but does anyone know if the magic* dust they advertise really works for over your foudnation...

also i was thinking of switching to a lighter foundation, anyone know soemthing lighter with good coverage?

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