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I've seen some info on the net that B1, B6, and especially B12 can aggravate acne. Now, the B5-theory advises taking a B-complex for better B5 efficacy. Has anybody had any experience with this or seen some good info? If so, please share....


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B-6 is good for hormonal acne when combined with zinc. B-12 is usually only absorbed by meat sources - the body doesn't absorb the pill form very well. I dont know about B1.

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well, i googled "B12 acne" and all results ive seen claim that B12 aggravates, and sometimes even causes, acne. now, taking any B vitamin in large doses can cause deficiencies in the other B vitamins, hence the B5 and B-complex combo. i dont know, maybe taking the 20 pills of B5 (100,000x daily value at 500mg a pill) will minimize that effect.....ive tried taking 1x B-50 complex and 3x 500mg of B5 per day, and had a coinciding flareup. yes, correlation does not imply causation blah blah, but this B12 thing has me worried.....what to do :wacko:

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