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Best way to rid yourself of body hair ?

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I have hair on my arms and legs that I want to shave. Your typical shaving cream and razor drive me nuts and takes me forever. I am a guy btw. I was thinking of buying a nice elctric shaver for those areas. Anyone have any input or suggestions ? I've trid nair for men but it left my skin feeling "weird" and I had to use it twice on my legs and it irritated the hell out of them.

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Ye I sometimes wish I was like my friends without hair on my legs.

If I even think about shaving or something it's gona be a huge task, and a lot of money on those hair removal products : :lol:

I guess some guys are ment to be more manly than others :cool: so I just give up on the idea.

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I feel cleaner when I shave. It's like shaving your face after a month of going on without shaving. I feel refreshed. Plus when I sweat it's easier to wipe of the sweat because the hair doesn't hold the sweat, it just lingers on the skin and drips off, so it's also very healthy I guess because your sweat just drips away from the skin because it doesn't have anything to hold on to. Oh and Willing, naturally women weren't ment to shave either, if the world lived by your philosphy, we would all be full of acne and hair and smelly because we just were not ment to take prescription drugs or shave.

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apparently waxing is great. but it can get costly, and you can't be smooth all the time because before getting re-waxed you need a quarter inch of re-growth. i tried the nads brand cold home wax once, and it wasnt good because a. my hair grows really slowly, like it took about 5 to 6 months to get to a quarter inch b. doesnt grow very long c. is extremely fine and d. my skin is extremely delicate. but i should think it'd work well for a man, since men's hair tends to be coarser and grow more quickly, and their skin is thicker and less delicate.

ps if you use an electric shaver, woudln't you be prickly since it doesnt shave totally smoothly? waxing makes the hair grow in softly.

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or what about an epilator? has anyone ever used one of thse things?

apparently they're great. they pluck hair from the roots so it grows back more slowly and 'softer' (no sharp cut off end). plus you could do it easily at home which would pobably be a plus if you're a guy.

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Nair takes longer than four minutes for me and plus I end up having to use a lot of towels. I really don't like it.

Waxing is great... but it hurts like a bitch. I've done 5 times in my life and I don't plan exceeding that.

Seriously, plain ol' foaming shave gel or soap and a razor.

Electric shaver would probably work well too.

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