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Boots Skin Kindly Range Any Good?

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Hi, Just registered Im 25 from the U.K. Just wanted to introduce myself and get some responses.

It seems quite hard to get certain supplies for this regimen and I would like everyones opinion of what is best to get for each stage. I want something I can get quite easily from a shop i.e boots, superdrug. But could order online if really needed.

I have Boots Skin Kindly Cleanser and Mosituriser with SPF 15. Anyone know if there any good and ok to use with the regimen?. Someone suggested Cetaphil(is this cool, as quite expensive to import to u.k?). Any recommendations would be ace.

Im also going to use either Panoxyl 2.5 Aqua-Gel or proactivs 2.5 b.p lotion, what do you guys think is best?(as already have both), my face tends to be shiny and I dont want it to be shiny.

I would use dans gel(bought the book mate- it was spot on). But with postage and ordering from U.S bit expensive at the mo.

I respect what Dan has done, I have tried so many things and hopefully this will work. But the books I normally get dont tell you "EXACTLY" how to apply it, and Dan seems to have done that quite well. It also is very easy to understand just as If you were talking to a mate.

Recently did Retin A, for about 2 weeks with minocycline , seems to be ok, but spots not going as fast as would like. Do I have to wait a bit before I can start Regimen?

Look Forward to You Responses. If Dan Could let us know about plans for b.p gel in u.k and maybe further products that would be great.

Cheers ;)

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