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30's New Accutane Log

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Well I've got my history fairly well documented all over this site.

Most of it is consolidated in my failed attempt at Dan's regimen in this post on the personal regimen logs forum.

The specs (as it were) for those that don't want to read my novels worth of background:



Been battling this as an adult for several years with persistent acne, often with cysts and extremely painful breakouts. Most of my pimples are not small white/black heads, but large deep painful red lumps that take a LONG time, on the order of many weeks, if not months, to go away.

Tried every antibiotic in the world (including bactrim/septra which showed promise at first, but in the end didn't deliver).. Tried all topical, no topical, shaving, not shaving. I tried a blue light treatment thing (Oh god was that not a good idea). basically I've done it all and nothing has worked.

So last night Friday Feb 24, 2006 I took my first 40mg accutane (well the generic Amnesteem) with dinner.

I did have a mild headache all night. I took a pair of advil about 30 minutes ago, and I'm having a cup of coffee now, it's helping a little, but I can still feel it. Hopefully it won't last beyond the first days of my course. As of now, a mere 14 hours after ingestion, that is the only noticeable effect.

One down 179 to go.

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The advil did the trick. It doesn't hurt anymore at the moment.

I'm drinking even more water then usual (I'm a water kind of guy) in hopes of that helping with the headaches.

One a day, 40mg is the current dosage. My derm first told me she was going to give me 20's for the first month and then up me to 40's, but I guess she changed her mind, because when I picked up the perscription slip, it was 40's...

I prefer once a day, because I tend to eat only two meals a day, dinner, and someting late. If I eat lunch, it's pretty rare. Since you're supposed to take them with a meal, dinner is it.

I presume she will keep me on 40's for the whole course, but I guess I won't know for sure until next month.

Oh, I can say I did notice I am little oiler then usual this afternoon. Which is to say, I'm a little oily, which I usually am not, save for the very rare case...

I'm surprised to be seeing something like that so quickly. The headache I was not surprised by. I would have figured the extra oil if it was going to come would take at least a few days...

Pill number 2 in a few hours. I'll let you know how the headaches go tonight.


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Well I am glad to hear someone else got the headache!!! I am on my second day of accutane...(actually claravis a generic). Last night I had a headache all night and I woke up with it. Advil did the trick for me. I am on 80 mgs a day. I am 37, female and have been battling cystic acne for 3 yrs. I finally gave up on antibiotics, skin peels and all the topicals. I am excited however, the hardest part is going to be to keep my hands off my face!!! I am already beginning the initial break out everyone fears. Well good luck to all us newbies, hope for the best.


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Ok, well the whole headache thing must be the tane. My head is at it again and my arms and shoulders are aching. I feel like I worked out. I am noticing that I am oilier...face and hair (ewww). Hope your head feels better :)


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The first night I could feel my head all night, woke up a few times and everything. It wasn't too painful, but it was brutal because it was constant.

Last night (night number two) no headache woke me up or anything, but now that I am awake I do have a slight ache, but it's not too horrible.

I'll be taking two more advil with my morning coffee and presume it will go away.

Other then that, nothing else noticable, other then being hyper sensative to everything because I'm so paranoid. Gonna try and relax today and not think too much about it.


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From what I understand mild to moderate headaches are common the first few days. Less common is continued headaches beyond that. So it's not time to be concerned. If next weekend we are still having headaches, then it's time to call the doc.

For now, Advil is our friend ; )

I'm also trying to get used to using aquaphor. I have hated chapstick and every kind of lip ointment my whole life. Just can't stand the way it feels on your lips, but since it seems like 99.9% of all 'tane users get badly chapped lips, and since everyone on these boards swears by aquaphor (by the way, my wife says carmex is the devil!) I've got a tube that I am trying to use a few times a day before I need it so I'm used to it.

I think I'm going to shave today... It's probably a really bad idea since a beard can provide some serious cover up (and I do have some things worthy of covering) but it's hard for me to see what's going on with my skin with 10 days worth of beard on my face. I'll just let it grow out again for another week after today.

What I can't WAIT for is being able to shave everyday. I HATE having beard growth, but not as much as I hate having giant red spots all about...

Ah... I'm not doing a great job of not thinking about it. Woops.

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It's not yet been 48 since my first pill and I defintely have the oily skin thing going on. I'll take my third pill with dinner in a few more hours.

You read all about this stuff, but WOW! you have no idea how much it really can effect your body so quickly until you start taking it.

I am glad I decided to shave, depite now being vulnerable to being seen by other people, I can't imagine having this much oil under my beard.

So two days in side effects limited so far to headaches both days (nothing not taken care of by advil) and oil output increased signifigantly.


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Uh huh! My hair is really oily which is totally gross. I would think the facial hair would maybe aggravate it. My muscle aches as well as my headaches are gone.

We we shall see what tomorrow brings:)



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Hey 30Something,

It's nice to see another adult male around! There aren't too many of us here - especially not to many in their 40's like me. I just finished my second month on Accutane and things are going well. If you have any questions, check out my journal or just ask. I usually check in every day.

Best wishes on your Accutane adventure!


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There are more of us then I realized.

I have read your log (as well as many others) from start to finish, I think I posted in it a few days back even...

I'm following the progress of most of the folks over the legal drinking age ;)


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Well I took advil when I first woke up, my head didn't hurt, but I could feel it...

Now a good 8 hours later, it's definately in pain and I just took another dose of advil.

Skin is still a bit more oily then ususual, but it might not be as bad as it was yesterday, but it's tough to tell for sure if it's better or worse.

I am living in fear of the initial breakout. The waiting is the worst part. I know it's coming, it's just a matter of time before it gets me. Probably be when I have a big meeting since there is lots of stuff happening in my job right now and I'm in a great position to catch a big break. I just hope I'm not looking like hell when that chance comes, because the promotion would involve a lot of face time with customers and I doubt that they would give it to me if I looked like hell. Appearence does mean something when you are talking about asking people to spend millions of dollars based on your ideas.

Well I guess I don't really have much to report. I'm probably writing this just to take a break from working because my head is hurting at the moment. Hopefully the advil will kick in soon.



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Hello 30-

My headaches have subsided and I am sure yours will too. You must take into consideration the amount of stress you are in wondering and worrying about your job...we all do it! It can be part of the acne as well, stress is a factor. I was recently in the same position and it didn't help my acne any. I do hope your head feels better soon and know that you will get results. Just hang in there!!

The wonderful thing about this board is that we are all here for eachother so post away. I'll keep checking on ya.

Relax and have a great evening!!


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i apologise in advance if i seem a little ignorant, but what took you so long to start on accutane?!

here is the long answer:

It was a few months ago that my derm said, look maybe it's time to try accutane, prior to that I was getting the standard it's not bad enough, let's try this first.. blah blah blah. When she said you might want to go for the accutane, I did my normal total information overload and in the course of my research came across some fantastic reports of people having success with bactrim/septa which was the only antibiotic I hadn't tried, so I asked my derm to give me a script of that before I pulled the trigger on 'tane and she did.

At this point, I had been through a few months of crazy up and down with Dan's regimen, having given up on everything else. I was a mess, emotionally about it all and really just frustrated beyond belief.

I took a few of the bactrim's and freaked out about the side effects and just gave up doing anything for a few months. It wasn't so bad, then I started breaking out badly again and this time commited to the bactrim.

I cleared up GREAT! in the first couple of days and it laste maybe two weeks. Then things went back downhill. I kept waiting for everything to clear up again and went through three months of the bactrim waiting for the magic again, it didn't come. I called my derm for another refill, which they gave me. When the pharmacy called to say it was ready I said to myself (almost out loud)

This is just crazy, it's not working. Get the tane. I called that day and made the apointment with my derm, and well now here I am.

i apologise in advance if i seem a little ignorant, but what took you so long to start on accutane?!

here is the short answer:


Here is the exanded version of the short answer:

Fear of the drug and probably more so, fear of having an initial break out so bad that I would loose it. I've come close to loosing it big time with just some of the bad cysts coming. I couldn't imagine what would happen to me if I got a break out even worse then what I was getting now. I still don't know how I will make it through when it happens, but I'll find a way, just to push through and get to the other side. I simply can't live this way anymore.


Thanks. I'm sure things will be good with my head soon. The advil has already knocked out this new one (that stuff is awesome).

I do like these boards too. I've been on here long enough to really appreciate the help I get here. (Big props to Brandy by the way, she's been more helpful then she knows.)


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awww, thanks 30! :angel: I'm glad I've been helpful.

You're a sweetheart, and I really really hope this is successful for you, with minimal or no initial breakout. You deserve the best!

I've been trying to remember if I had any of those headaches you described when I took Accutane, but I just can't remember. Early senility I suppose.

keep on truckin'!

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Thanks for the nice thoughts.

You've been giving me and others positive feedback for such a long time now, you totally deserve a shout out.

Day 5 (I take my dosage later in the day, so I've actually only taken 4 so far)

Headache was present this morning, but not bad. I took advil just to make sure, and thus far it has not returned. I'm actually having lunch today maybe that will keep it at bay.

Oil again and it is pretty heavy. I would guess this is the most oil that I have ever had in my life.

I had one very small pimple come up last night in a common place for me, it's not yet turned into anything horrible. Sort of par for the course for me, as my older ones start to fade out new ones come. However this is not yet a big giant thing so maybe it won't turn into something. Time will tell.

I have a few other areas that feel like they *could* break out horribly, but they haven't yet... Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that they won't, or at least they will be civil about it! ; )

Still using a bit of aquaphor, but primarily to be used to it when the drying occurs, it has not yet.

The quick 411 (as the kids say):

Mild headache in morning, easily treated with advil.

Super Oily Skin

No unusual acne activity (positive or negative)

No other side effects


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Hey Angel.

I've been meaning to do a quick update, just got hung up with work.

3:00 on a friday though, time for a break ; )

Well, I'm a week in. I'll take pill 8 with dinner tonight.

Headaches are going away as we all knew they would.

Occasional dry eyes, and just slightly dry lips.

The oil is subsiding, but skin is not yet dry.

Have just a few spots coming up, certainly nothing more then usual, maybe a little less? Could be wishful thinking though...

I am a little red, but not bad enough that anyone else has noticed (or at least commented).

Overall, so far things have been pretty darn smooth (LOUDLY KNOCKING ON WOOD!). I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

I wish there was more to report, but for the most part it's business as usual with a glimmer of hope in the back of my mind.

I'll be checking in with everyone's logs this weekend for sure, but I hope you're doing well.


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Day 11...

Finished off my first blister pack last night, so that's ten pills in my system.

Oil came back in the evenings Saturday and Sunday, but it was definitely not as bad as the first week. Still noticeable though.

Headaches not a major issue, but I did have one or two mild ones over the weekend. I do have an *issue* with headaches though, so I pop two Advil if I even think I might be getting one.

Lips definitely drying out, but aquaphor is taking care of that.

Redness in face is definitely noticeable now, but no worse then when I was using any of those harsh topicals.

I do unfortunately have some cysts working.

I've got myself a nice double whammy on my left cheek in my "normal" spot, one that popped and is healing, well it would be if it weren't for the monster that is coming up right next to it. It really does seem sometimes like p.acnes have little devious minds designed to make you go insane!

There is another one working too, this one of the other side of course, so I can feel bad about my whole face instead of just one side of it. Evil geniuses, I swear. As much as I want to blame this on the 'tane, it would be unfair, since really this is just normal for me, which is why I'm on this stuff!

I'm certainly using the "just push through it now, so you don't ever have to deal with it again" jedi mind trick on myself to show up at work with my head held high while dealing with two of my patented giant throbbing pain that won't stop so I can never forget it's there cysts on my face.


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when i cut out the coffee i noticed a 90% decrease in cysts you should give it a try... no coffee might help with the headaches also

I appreciate the thoughts downthestreet, but I've given up just about every vice I have, coffee is not going away any time soon. Further, I'm not a big believer in a relationship between lifestyle choices and acne.

Oh, and not drinking coffee would give me a headache for sure. Didn't have any today either, and I spent 14 hours in front of a monitor (so far)...


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