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When to take my accutane

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I'm taking 80 mg of accutane a day and I'm not sure if I am taking them far enough apart from eachother. I just want to make sure so I'm wondering what is a reasonable period of time between my two 40 mg pills? Is 7 hours enough or should I wait more like 9 or 10? Also, I am supposed to take it after a meal, right? Does it really matter a lot if my meal isn't high in fat? Is it fine to just take the pill after a big bowl of cereal? It would make me feel better if I had some answers so please respond. thanks

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I would eat the pills during your meals

spread them out evenly between breakfast and dinner

that's what I did

yeah it's better to eat with a fatty meal so it absorbs better into your body, but really any food will be fine like cereal

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Hey I didn't split my dose but you can take it all at one so I think 7 hours inbetween should be fine.

You have to take the tablets after food. Some argue that it should be after fatty food as fats are taken to the liver which is where the action of roaccutane occurs. But I took my roaccutane after a bowl of fruit each day and I got great results with roaccutane so I don't think it really matters.

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accutane has a half life of 90 hrs and is stored in fat cells. It doesnt matter whether you take all of it with dinner or seperate it 2 hrs apart. It will all be absorbed the same assuming your small intestine and the rest of your body is healthy.

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