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Is This Really It?

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Hello all.

... Alrighty ...

I'm right now on my second low-dose cycle of Accutane. For the next few months I'll probably stick to it. It controls my acne pretty well (although, it is - as I mentioned - very low-dose), the side effects are controllable and my lifestyle just doesn't allow me right now to stick to such a strict regimen as the Clear Skin requires it (I'm doing my military service in Switzerland, so washing isn't really possible at all).

I'm just wondering about a few things of the Clear Skin Regimen.

On the website it says that touching the face during the day should be avoided, it's supposed to cause irritation. I can understand that - but is it really that bad?

What happens if you happen to touch it anyways, if you like to touch it? I can't think without touching my face ... (okay, in the military this isn't a problem - you don't have to think, you're being told)

So what would I have to expect?

And: I really don't like greasy skin. Now, the accutane obviously controls that totally. But what about the Clear Skin Regimen?

Does the BP plus moisturizer combination handle the build-up of grease well during the day?

I'd like to hear from some people who are sticking to the regimen and are successfull with it. What does your face feel like during the day? (I know - you don't want to touch it ... just once, as an exception ...)

Thanks for any help and information!


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I'm not really sure exactly how bad touching your face is, but it definitely dosen't help! I think the Clear Skin Regimen does also help with oil because it is drying, but moisturising is definitely recommended to balance it out. I have been successful with the regimen and haven't noticed any build up of grease during the day, and it just feels normal! :)

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i def break out more if i touch my face often during the day. i tend to put my hands around my mouth sometimes and rest my hands on my chin. every1 is different, but the more i touch my face the more i break out. but anyways the regimen is working great for me. when i was on accutane, there would be no way i wouldve done the regimen while on it, because of the insane dryness. i was on the normal dosage of accutane though, idk about your dryness.

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