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Peels or alphahydroxy acids not good for brown skin?

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I thought glycolic, beta, or lactic peels were fine for dark skin? My skin isn't too dark or too light so I'm not sure. I'm trying to make my overall skin tone better as I just get acne occassionally but I still have some brown/red marks that take forever to go away.

I wanted to try the lactic or glycolic peels-- the lowest concentration they have of course--but then I read this:

"Also, darker skin types should avoid most alpha hydroxy acids due to the risk of hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation will occur in darker skin if it becomes irritated or inflamed."

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I forgot to mention that I've done Beta Peels (20% or 30% saliclyic acid) in the past but I can only do it every 2 months or so cause it's $85/peel & my skin looks great for a couple of weeks after it but then I go several weeks with blah looking skin. So I've been trying to figure out if I should try the Lactic peels at home every 2 weeks.

I was also considering trying the AH Oil Free formula as I don't use any moisturizer or cleanser with AHA.

The interesting thing is that the areas where I shave on my face that had acne in the past has good skin tone but the where I don't shave my skin tone is average with some spots and I breakout there. I rarely breakout in the areas where I shave! I'm thinking the shaving 3x/week is almost like doing a mini-peel on my skin by getting rid of the dead skin; that or I'm just lucky.

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