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Vegan diet and lots of water, it's helping already

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I've been vegetarian for a year, and on January 30th, I officially went vegan (no animal products of any kind, dairy, eggs, honey, etc) I also started drinking lots of water (two and a half to three litres a day) Since I've been cooking for myself more now, I suppose my foods are less processed and lower in bad fats and sodium than before, but I still eat chips and chocolate and all those unhealthy things lol...

I have always had bad skin on my face, mainly my forehead (half my fault, since I have bangs) and really really bad, painful acne on my shoulder blades.

When I first cut out dairy, my acne actually got worse for about a week and a half as my body adjusted, and then it got dramatically better. The improvement I've noticed is amazing and I wish I had comparison pictures to show you. Basically my face is much less oily, and has much fewer pimples, and the ones I do have are smaller and less red. My back is the really amazing part. While I still have pimples, they look like later stages of large-ish ones, and I don't really see and new ones cropping up. There are still red spots, but not as imflammed looking as before, and when I rub my hand along the skin there, it actually feels smooth except for a scab I got for picking at things awhile ago.

If things keep up at this rate, and I have no reason to think they won't, I might be able to wear a normal dress to this formal thing I'm going to at the end of March without a little jacket or shawl to cover my back, for the first time in years.

Oh, and the cleansing routine I use is so simple (not what this site says to do) I use clean 'n clear (it has salacylic acid as its active ingredient) I wash my face with the foaming face soap, tone with a clearing astringent and use the blackhead clearing astringent on my nose and chin (where I have a slight problem) every night and use a deep-cleaning facemask 3-5 times a week. On my back I use the face soap every couple days, and the astringent every night.

Just wanted to share my success story! And maybe inspire some people? Vegan is a very easy way to eat, and if you want I can share some helpful links/recipes, etc...

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I've been a vegan for over a year already and let me tell you, it has not helped out my skin one bit =p

Don't get me wrong I still think it's a great lifestyle though. I agree about the water thing, I heard when you are dehydrated it can dry out your skin and your body's natural reaction to that is to produce more oil.

I suppose everyone's different, forgoing dairy may help to improve some people's skin I'm sure. It couldn't hurt to take a whack at it, true?

whyteout_89 - yes there are some milk chocolates, but chocolate is essentially just cocoa bean, which doesn't come from an animal. Thank goodness for soymilk, there's also dark chocolate which usually should contain no dairy.

if anyone's intesrested : http://www.veganoutreach.org/index.html

eta - it's probably best to mention I wasn't exactly a health vegan, I went veg for ethical reasons and when I started I was a vegan junk food junky to the max,. Now that I've gotten into organic foods and have begun eating more fruits/veggies/water/ all that health related stuff I feel and look a million times better..if you take a healthy approach to veganism unlike me, you just might strike gold. Either way, I do believe that what we put inside affects how we look outside.

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sry to break it to you but vegans also get acne.

btw chocolate is made out of milk so ummm

I'm not an idiot... milk chocolate is made of milk, I know how to read ingredients, and I buy dark chocolate without dairy.

My personal opion about why this diet works is the lack of hormones in it. For example, breast milk and eggs (which are technically chickens' periods) are obviously full of hormones. And meat is too, of course. I think clearing your body of other species's hormones helps a lot. And then there's the fact that most replacements for animal products are generally much much healthier than the original. For example, rice and lentils compared to a burger? Even soy milk compared to cow's?

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