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Will some of these scar treatments make my face/scars worst?

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hey how ya doing, i went on tane a year and a half ago, was on and off for 6 months, it cleared up my active acne for about 1 month[sucks right] I have had many sideaffects from it, some temporary while i was taking the drug and some permanent. my joints are permanent ones, the way my skin heals is another one[for a pimple to heal nowadays, i have to wait at least 3 weeks or more, and im talking about normal small ass pimples. Fucking hate this] Ok now the thing is, accutane really fucked me up even worst because it gave me cyst, i never HAD cyst on my face before accutane, i used to get some on my back and chest but rarely on my face. I look back and i regret my going on tane, I feel this was the biggest mistake of my life. Now, my acne is very very mild, I was trying to get on regimen but i can't find benzol proxide in duane reade or ride aid near me, i did use this 5% cream that my derm gave me but it only lasted a week because the container is so small. Im going to have to go with that one for now, it works pretty good, my face doesnt get that red, only if i used it for so many days in a row it gets red. As of tonight, i will wash my face with neutragena facial wash[2% SA] and put on aloe vera gel to go to sleep[have a week with this and let me tell you, my skin looks alot better, it has greatly decrease the red spots and has helped me with making my skin heal faster] Ok now, IM planning to go on regimen with that same face wash im using, 5% benzol proxide that my derm gives me and a non plog clogger lotion. It doesnt make my fash redder to use it with benzol so its ok for me i quess. results have been incredible in that 1 week i used it for. I am also changing pillow cases on the regular, using neutrogena body wash[2%SA] for my body acne. My body acne is under control with that and sometimes when the bottle runs out i can go on without it. I have some dark spots on my back from acne of a couple of years ago but i have maybe about 3 active pimple on my whole body[chest,arms,back] I drink enough water for my piss to come out crystal clear. Stopped drinking soda, and try to play some sports at least 2 times a week for a little workout. But the thing that is really bugging me is, if i had no scarring on my face, i would be in a case of very light acne right now, The dark spots and red marks i can live with because they do fade, but the scars are terrible, rolling scars, ice pick scars, I have this almost inch long scar on my cheek[1 inch under my right eye] That is from a cyst i got during accutane, That scar looks like i needed staples or stitches to close it. So i am getting my income tax return this week, I lost my job because i am ashamed of working like this, i mean sometimes i feel so good about myself untill i see a mirror. Now with that money i am getting, I can do some things to improve my skin. Btw im 20. With the money i will be getting the regimen materials, keep buying my gallons of water, and just maintain everything i said above. I will also look for some scar removing methods. I really want to do a demabrassion but the thing is, I don't want it to backfire on me and making my skin worst, i dont want to have scarrings and red patches on my face. I dont want my skin to change its color at all. Can someone help me with these questions?

Will my skin change its tone?, Will it be different than my neck area?

My derm said that they will charge me 250 for each area of the dermabrassion. Is this a good price[im going to do both cheeks and my forehead]

Which scars will they fix, and will they fix them for good?

I have very light acne right now, will that affect it? IM talking about 4 active pimples on my face or less at all times nowadays, no cyst either, onlytime i got cyst was on accutane.

Which other scar treatments do ya recommend and for which type of scars? I am looking at the scar treatment part of acne.org

How long will my face be red? DO you have a website with info on dermabrassion

If i get active acne while my skin is in the healing process, will that make it a higher chance to scar?

Most importantly, Will it make my scarring worst or not help it at all?

Also add any info you guys think i dont know about.

Thank you very much, I have cried alot on this site hearing some of ya stories[by alot i mean a handful amount of time but thats the only time i have really cried in my life]

Also, What should i do to get ready for one? And i use neutragena t gel for my scalp acne[wasnt that bothersome before, had a bit of a uprising lately]

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Hi Chea Chea,

regarding dermabrasion, make sure its by a qualified individual. One of the best is Dr. Yarbrough in New Orleans.

$250 sounds really cheap for a dermabrasion, make sure they arent reffering to microdermabrasion which is a whole different procedure.

dermabrasion was the best thing that I ever did for my skin. It got rid of all my superficial scarring and made my skin much smoother, although I was left with a few rolling scars. The decramation lines are no longer visible and the redness has faded. I am fairly light skinned though. If you have a darker complexion, I would advise against dermabrasion. Read Swords story.

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250 per section that is, I dont know what they determine as a section though, Do have a special doctor that comes once a month to do debramassions. Its in downtown manhattan, the derm center for st lukes.

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Post a picture of yourself, Chea, or at least state your ethnicity and skin type. The success and risks of dermabrasion depend heavily upon your skin type and tone and we're not going to be able to answer you best unless we know what yours is.

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hey Femina, I dont have a recent picture of myself on my computer, the ones i have are without scars basically, I am type 5 skin type though, I tan always and rarely get burned, I dont ever even remember getting burned. Well i do have a semi recent one, Here it is, Shows some of the scarring, Its a little bit worst now, Just a bit, but my acne is alot clearer.

Edit: Took off pic because of size.

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Im gonna do a debramassion no matter what, I just have to get the money.

Are you ready to risk loosing your pigment like me?

IPB Image

Pay attention to where undermabraded dark skin meets dermabraded pink / light skin.

If you absolutely must do it, have a small test patch and see how it heals and looks in relation to surrounding skin.

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Chea Chea, Do not get dermabrasion! You have dark skin and youll lose pigment. Its going to look very akward.

i agree i think you WILL end up looking like michael jackson w/ dermabrasion

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Thanks for advance Man. Love you guys for helping me prevent a disaster, I might do that thing that someone said, so it on a little sample of my skin to see how it turns out. Ok, What other methods can give me close the the results of a demabrassion and not have the same side affects sort of speak. I mean, by the end of summer i want to be in ok shape wit my scars. When i wake up they look perfect, but about 15 minutes later they come back od. I also couldnt handle the down time, even though i currently dont have a job or go to school. I still might do it, but i will do some heavy research, i shouldnt of gone on accutane in the first place, and i wonder every day of my life why i did. It was my decision, i came on here, read about the results, read in other forums how side affects rarely happen and went in thinking it was a miracle drug, I never had cyst acne before accutane. I dont have cyst acne now after accutane, only during accutane. Those cyst really scared my skin bad, Since i only had cyst while on accutane, i can recall each cyst when it came out, and of course when i recall where they were at, thats where my scars were. I didnt even have a cleanser at that time, I used to wash my face with soap. Just thinking if i had a semi regimen back then i would be 100% clear with no scars, without a doubt. I mean i might have 2-3 small scars but thats about it. Only Redness from acne healing and some brown spots. I dont think you guys understand how much of a jerk i feel like, because this is all my fault. And to top it all off, accutane didnt clear my acne LOL.

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