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HEEEEEEEEEELLLP Sensitive Skin Killing Me

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Here's my trouble--

I have really sensitive and oily skin. So....products designed to unclog pores seem to just agravate the problem. Unfortunately, if I use a gentle cleanser and nothing else my pores still get clogged like crazy. Right now I'm using Cetaphil Cleanser (for normal/oily skin) which I like. It doesn't seem to do much in the way of unclogging pores, but at least it's not drying. I've also been using Neutragena Oil Free Acne wash which I suspect is the problem. I think it's just clogging my pores by killing more skin cells than it's exfoliating.

Anyone have some suggestions? I tried moisterizers but that made things BAD (maybe because of my oily skin?). I also tried the Aspirin mask, which I liked, but also suspected it was too drying. AAAARRRGGG! :wall:

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Umm, I use dove bar soap in the evening, cetaphil gentle cleansing soap in the morning and the cetaphil sensitive skin moisturizer, I also exfoiate gently once per day using a complexion brush. I have very sensitive, sometimes dry, sometimes oily, acne prone skin.

Give these products a try.


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Check out the Calmin link in my signature ... products were designed for rosacea sufferers, and are really great -- light and soothing -- for sensitive skin. I highly recommend the cleanser and the enviro protection cream.

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If you can get spectro jel where you live ( i'm not sure if it's canadian or not) it's very good. The gel cuts oil ( which it seems is an issue for you) but it's still amazingly gentle.

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Try looking at co-ops for organic, simple cleansers that aren't full of all the harsh crap they put in conventional brands. Ingredients like chamomile, queen of the meadow, and aloe are all soothing and won't irritate most skin.

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