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Hi I'm Rory

Ready for Accutane?

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So you must get thousands of these posts and I've been lurking here for quite sometime but I really need help. I'm 16 and I've had acne since I was 12 and it just wont stop and I can't fix it. I've been on Minocycline for a while and now I'm on Doxycycline but I havent seen any results. I've tried topical stuff but they only seem to make things worse. I just started on the pill 4 days ago so obviously I haven't seen any results. My acne is spreading down my neck and makes my face puffy and hurts. I also have it on my back and shoulders. I'm scared about Accutane and my doctor wont start me on it until September because you can't be in the sun. Does it sound like i need it? I just dont know what to do.

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on the pill? huh what pill?


or birth control or what kind of pill?

If you hate your acne that badly, then I suggest you go on it. It's not as bad as everyone claims it is, yeah there are side effects but if you're strong enough, you'll get though them.

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When I was about your age the whole accutane question was presented to me. Topicals, antibiotics nothing worked. But because of the possible depression and such it was denied to me. (It was right after 9/11 when a teenager, who was on accutane, and learning how to fly purposely crashed his plane into a wall, or something because he was "depressed". I think he was just messed up.)

Nonetheless. Years later (lol, not that many. I'm 19 now) my beautiful acne was not clearing up any. So now I'm on it, since I finally convinced the crazies around here that I am going to go into the more or less safe writing career, and not pilot school.

But I wish I had done so waaay earlier. It's like opting to take a big test after an extended break from school. You always wish you had done it ealier.

If you need it, take it. Battle through it. Stake it out. Show your skin who's boss.

Also, in regards to the side effects of that medication. People always hear the bad louder than the good. The many people who are cured of this ailment are now currently complaining about other things. And everyone is looking for a scapegoat. I'm fine so far. And my stepmother who took it 20 years ago is fine. Not to say that it isn't a dangerous drug. Because it is. Just another view point.

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