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what lasers are used to get rid of red marks?

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Can anyone tell me please? I have red scars on my cheeckbones none of mmy skin is inented thow its just like little red dots which I hate.

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Guest Marino

Vbeam and IPL,

though in my fraxel pamphlet a woman had what seemed to be red marks got some good results.

I honeslty dont believe IPL to be suitable for red marks, more overall complexion than anything else.

Vbeam will definatly give results, but how much results is still unknown.

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vbeam is only recommended on people with NO active acne.

yea good one, i had 5 treatments of Vbeam with active acne and it did complete shit for me, i did see some results but it did nothing for the long run ( due to too much sun exposure during summer) i now have huge and ALOT of red spots all ove rmy face.. im on accuatne and more then liekly after my treatment i will go back on V-beam once again.

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i am having this treatment~

a machine calls Aramis Laser for Acne & Acne Scar~

i had 3 treatments already, and it seems my pores + red scars are disppearing slowly!

i stiLL have 3 more treatments to go~~

i am stiLL in the treatment stage... hehe~

wiLL let u guys know once i finished my treatment which is in 3 months LOL~

and i am having my 4th treatment next week~ :angel:

and i had 2 IPL treatments earlier... the first one was GREAT!!!

all my freckles are gone :surprised:

and now i just have da pores + red marks remind (slightly)~


^this is the link explaining what it is :D


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