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Tea Tree Oil Soap

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I actually switched from the csr to using a tea tree oil/sea kelp face wash by Desert Essence and it made a huge improvement!!

Keep us posted if you try it, good luck!


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You'd be a whole lot better off using a very gentle cleanser with no active ingredients, and treating your face with pure tea tree oil.

You don't say what else is in that soap ... could have comedogenic ingredients and nasty detergents that dehydrate your skin and leave you susceptible to MORE pimples.

Keep it simple, don't trust the packaging ... those "natural" ingredients are usually only there in trace quantities, not enough to really make a difference.

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I really agree with LionQueen.

I also prefer a cleanser that is as mild as possible as long as it cleanses and takes away the bacteria. My skintherapist recommends a simple soapbar with ph5,5 or lower + which is non comedogenic. That means preferably avoid ingredients like petrolatum, parrafinum, parrafin, parrafinum liquidum etc, mineral oil.

I already was using this soap for a bigger period before this and I like it. Washing is just just washing, meant to just cleanthe face. Let the products you use afterwards (and will be active for hours and hours as long as you keep them on you) do the work. This to avoid irritation and have maximum effectiveness. Because you've just cleaned your face (basically every cleansing product is effective in this area ;)) the products you use afterwards work better. If the soap suits you and doesn't irritate you or make you break out, go ahead. If you see it doesn't work for your face or is irritating you could still use it for your body which can handle a lot more.

Tea Trea oil for acne in general is good stuff though. It antibacterial job is really good. I have pure tea tree oil myself but I don't think it it really gets deep into the skin, like BP does, to take on acne early on. I use it when I have a pimple, to dry it out and to be sure it's free from bacteria. Sometimes I also use it afterwards if I see it's not healing well.

There are some products that do contain good dosage of effective natural ingredients though, I just doubt if they work that well. Unfortunately there is also another thing I'm afraid of. The acne bacteria namely can develop resistance for some natural ingredients (tea tree is a good example), just like it does with antibiotics.

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I am using a soap made especially for acne-prone skin made by a local in my area. She uses all natural ingredients and my family knows her personally so she prob. wouldn't try to stiff us or anything. Ingredients are (in this order) Olive Oil Glycerin, Ground witch Hazel, Tea Tree, Peppermint Essential Oils, and Witch Hazel

I have been using it for a little while now and sometimes it can be a bit drying but overall good.

Any ideas on any of these ingredients?


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I use Tea Tree Soap as a shampoo now so it's working and lathers great for my hair. I find that store bought shampoo breaks me out on the forehead and temple areas a lot!!

The soap is made by SoapWorks company and it lasts a looong time one bar lasted me 9 months used everyday once a day. Awesome product and saves me lots of money.

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