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How long to be on Probiotics?

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For those of your guys who have taken probiotics for awhile..how long did it seem to take for them to start taking an effect..like for them to knock out candida overgrowth and how long did it take to notice a difference in your skin?



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If enough live organisms are making it past gastric acid w/o being killed before they have a chance to do their good work , then you may notice a change right away in your skin provided the problem with your skin is related to a problem that the probiotics takes care of. If not, then you may never see a change in you skin, unless you try something else that takes care of a problem you have that's causing acne.

/is that enough of a broad generalization for ya? No? I can can get vaguer, o yes I can.

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If you're taking a really good probiotic, you should be able to notice effects in at least a couple of days. I usually break out a little, but then really clear up. Do you have a lot of gas? That's indicative of it working, and you might want to lower the dosage. BTW, have you gotten Candida under control?

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I have seen a significant improvement in my skin since starting Garden of Life Primal Defense. I noticed improvement after about 1 1/2 weeks. I have not seen results like this with any of the other probiotics that I have tried, so I think it is definitely one of the better ones.

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