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Just when I thought I was dry on Accutane

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i am day 35 on acctane.

at the beginning i felt like i was getting oilier than usual, which i already have super oily skin. then after a couple weeks i had dry patches and oily at the same time (so annoying!)

then i thought i was free of ALL oil, never having to blot, not once from morning to night, which usually i had to blot every hour.

now the oil is coming back. is this normal or has accutane stopped working?

omg, somebody please help me. i hate oil!

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Accutane will dry you out. Give it time. It hasn't stopped working, it doesn't do that. In another month you'll probably wish you had "some" oil.

Although, I do believe your body gets used to the dryness. Four full months in I'm drier than I've ever been, but I'm nowhere near the "flaky" dry I was in the first two months. What I'm saying it, in the first months I was dry and had that flaky, peeling away skin. Now, I'm dry, but my skin (besides my lips) instead peeling away. meh.

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I was overly oily before accutane. After like the first week I was amazed at how unshiny I was. And then I was shedding skin flakes everywhere. Couldn't wear black because it looked like I had dandriff.

But now, a near three months in, I woke up with semi-oily skin this morning. I was like WTF! But yet, I'm still peeling.

I just hopehopehope that this new oil is not going to make me break out. I'm still trying to recover from the monster flareups.

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Hey, don't worry it is normal. Like other people have said i was very oily during the first week or so or accutane and then dryness set in almost over night. It was a great feeling after having had oily skin for as long as i can remember. Anyway after a month of dry skin i noticed my oil returning. This only lasted for a week or so but none the less it worried me. My derm had refused to up my dosage and so i was concerned that my body wasn't getting enough of the drug. Anyway don't worry cos every so often i get oily again and then dry, it's perfectly normal though :)

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